Traveling to a new place is fun and exhilarating, but it can also raise some concerns, especially for solo travelers. While you hope your trip will go off without a hitch, it’s smart to be prepared for any situation. We’ll let you in on our top travel safety tips and explore the best items to ensure your personal safety while traveling! So as you stuff your suitcase with way too many clothes, don’t forget to pack these personal safety items to protect yourself in an emergency.


Whistles are inexpensive, portable and effective to let someone know you’re in danger. It’s important to be proactive in knowing what to do in a threatening situation. Travelers can use this tool if they get separated from a group, or even to scare away a dangerous animal while hiking or backpacking.

Combination Lock or Drawer Lock

It’s generally a good idea to only carry what you need while traveling. This means bring just enough cash for the day and leave the rest at your hotel or hostel. “Whenever possible, divvy up your travel cash and even credit cards into multiple safe spots,” Christine Sarkis from SmarterTravel says. “If you’ve got all your money in one place, it only takes one time for a thief to totally wipe you out.”

There may not be a safe in your room so bring a combination lock or drawer lock. These are used to secure important items while you’re out. Luggage locks are always a great personal safety option to keep your luggage secure during your travels.


Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is lightweight, portable and combines a working pen with an effective self-defense weapon. Keep your tactical pen handy in your pocket or your purse. If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, aim it at your attacker’s pressure point. It can cause intense pain and even temporary paralysis. This will give you enough time to get away or get help. Tactical pens are handy tools that can be bought for less than $20!

Pepper Spray

Non-lethal weapons like pepper spray and stun guns are smart to carry when you’re out at night.“Pepper spray works by releasing Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) which causes an attacker’s eye veins and mucus membranes to swell, causing intense discomfort and immobility,” according to experts at The Home Security Superstore. “The effects can last for up to an hour, which gives you plenty of time to make it to a safer place.”

You can find handy pepper spray key chains, pens and wristband sprays which are useful for jogging. You can also buy an animal repellent spray which is ideal for camping, backpacking, and hiking.


Note: Be careful, most airlines don’t allow pepper spray as a carry-on item but you should be able to pack it in your checked luggage. Also, check your specific travel location since it’s not permitted in some countries.


Safety Apps

You’ll already have your cell phone with you so why not load it up with some safety apps before you leave? First, install TripLingo to learn important emergency phrases. Next, download Safety Map Worldwide to check the safety ratings of nearby locations so you can stick to the less shady areas. Also, don’t forget the “¡Emergency!” app which will find and auto dial emergency numbers for your specific location.

Note: Even if you disable your data plan to save money, you can buy inexpensive SIM cards for unlocked phones on your trip.


Common sense and situational awareness will keep you safe in most places, but it’s always smart to be prepared. Traveling is amazing when done safely so use these travel safety tips to ensure a safe trip! If you’re traveling solo or just want to be extra careful, pick one or two of these personal safety defense items you feel most comfortable using. This will give you (and your rents) peace of mind!


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