Keeping that Wardrobe Fresh! A Guide to Consigning your Clothes in College

I love those special days when I actually have time to pick out a nice outfit to wear on campus or out with friends. Having a fresh selection of clothes you actually wear makes this easier. This amazing weather is a great time to revamp those outfit selections as well as do some spring cleaning! A great way to do both of these is to consign or re-sell your used clothing.

What to Pack for Spring Break

Whether you’re laying on a beach in Cancun, skiing in Colorado, or simply relaxing at home, Spring break is highly anticipated by all. But what to pack? Even if you are simply having a “staycation” and going home, you still have to pack things from school to transport home. For many of the spring break possibilities, here is a list of what to pack for your Spring break.

Tips: Eating Healthy on a Budget

Pizza served near the 24 hour library not quite as energy sustaining as you thought? You’re not alone. Across the country, students have been pushing for more healthy, sustainable (for your health and community health) food on campus. Before you reach for that 2nd burger with your dining dollars like it’s your only option, think twice. A tastier and healthier option might be more accessible than you think.

Tips: Dating in the Dorms

So, you can’t light candles, and despite that bribery, your roommate STILL won’t stop putting wet towels in the drawers. Not exactly a romantic atmosphere, right? Here are some tips on how to show that special someone a sweet evening while keeping typical college restrictions in mind and thinking outside the box… er, dorm.

Tablets or Laptops?

When I sit down in the library or in class, the first thing I often hear is, “Is that an iPad?”

From fellow students to a 40-something Dad at Barnes & Noble, my tablet seems intriguing to people, but they’re not entirely sold. There’s some skepticism there, and I understand that. I’m here to outline to you what it’s like using a tablet as a college student, as well as some pros and cons of tablet and laptop use. (more…)

Roommate Conflict Resolution

Whether you’re living with your best friend or randomly assigned roommates, sooner or later some form of conflict is going to happen. Whether it arises from days-old dishes left on the counter or one too many nights of a sock on the door and sleeping on the futon, it’s very unlikely that you are always going to love the habits of those you live with. Regardless, conflict can provide learning opportunities and help create mature relationships, if you handle it in the right way. Roommate conflict resolution skills are useful in getting through college life and the years beyond, as you will probably spend many years living with friends or a significant other.