Top 5 Most Useless Dorm Items

Packing for your first semester of college can be a stressful experience. The night before move-in day, you may be plagued with the constant feeling that you’ve forgotten something important. This is understandable, but once you get settled in to your new living quarters, you may find that your “preparations” have become a hindrance. Here are some examples of common clutter plaguing residence halls everywhere: (more…)

College Relationships: Some Basic “Dos” and “Don’ts”

​Finally! You’ve moved on from petty high school dating into the more mature, more free world of college relationships. Many people even find their spouses in college!

But whoa, step on the brakes. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Relationships are more than what you see in childhood fairytales, especially at this point in your life. Now that you’re out on your own (for the most part) and can make your own decisions, making the right choices in your romantic relationships can spell success and happiness for the both of you. (more…)

7 Things to Know Before You Study Abroad

Have you made the decision to study abroad or are you thinking about it? Studying abroad can be one of the most amazing experiences any student can have. Not only are you attending a different school, but you are going to get immersed in an entirely different culture than what you are used to.  You make new friends from all over the world, and gain a great deal of knowledge about international politics, food, and daily life. (more…)

Surviving Finals

May is right around the corner and with it’s arrival comes the most nightmarish time for a college student: finals week. After months of difficult classes, everything comes to a head as a series of exams stand between you and summer break, as well as being the key ingredient in determining your performance for the semester.

While gathering your pens and pencils for exam after exam isn’t the most appealing part of college, it shouldn’t keep any student away from success during that oh-so-stressful week. Here are some helpful hints that can be the difference in allowing you to survive final exams:

How to Stay in Touch with College Friends over the Summer

Finals are done, your belongings are packed, and you’re about to return home for the summer. You’re excited to see your family, hang out with friends from high school, and maybe even start a summer internship. There’s just one problem: how are you going to stay in touch with your college friends over the summer? For many college students, this is a difficult question to answer.

Without time spent bonding over library study sessions, late night Chinese takeout, and going out on the weekends, will you be able to stay close? Of course, one could say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But spending 3-4 months barely communicating with your college friends is going to make returning to school in the fall less comfortable than it should be. Not to worry, follow these tips to maintain the close friendships you’ve spent all year building! (more…)


Kitchen-Less Dorm Room Dining

As a college student, there are often few options available when the dining hall is serving yet another mysterious casserole and questionable meat for dinner. Chinese takeout, pizza, ramen, and Easy Mac seem to be our staples. However, never forget that you can actually make your own meals—even if your dorm room doesn’t have a kitchen. All you need is a microwave and a mini-fridge to make the following easy and delicious recipes. (more…)

What to Pack Before You Study Abroad

You’ve made it through all the applications, bought your tickets, and found out where you will be living and what you will be doing during your study abroad. But, what to bring?

Odds are your study abroad advisor told you to pack light, and they are absolutely right. You will be thanking them when you realize you’re sharing a room with two others in a tiny flat. At least, that was my experience during my semester in London.

So, here is a list of items that I used regularly while away that goes beyond the basics, which you may not have considered. (more…)