College Fashion Trends for Winter

Despite the dreary weather this season’s fashion has been anything but. Lots of colors, patterns and sparkles have added a nice touch to all the gray winter brings. Here are some of my favorite items that have gained popularity among college ladies this season!
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An 8-Step Guide to Library Etiquette for Students

On most college campuses, the library is the BEST place to get work done. Some people say that they don’t go to the library because they are distracted by friends, but I think there are many more reasons. Here are some tips to proper etiquette while studying and getting work done in libraries. I hope these tips can help you and your studious peers to have non-distracting library study sessions.
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7 Ways for Students to Improve Sleep at College

As a busy college student, I often find it difficult to fall asleep in a timely manner. The time it takes me to fall asleep ranges from 5 minutes (basically before my head hits the pillow) to almost an hour. I think that many different factors play into this: here are the 7 most important ones that I believe you need to consistently stand by. Read More

10 Shameless Money-Saving Tips For College Students

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the number on your bank statement dwindle. As a college student, I can relate. I started this year like the last two years with a small fortune from my summer job, and end the school year with maybe twenty or so dollars to my name. It is a fact of life that as a college student you will be as broke as a joke, but there are definitely a few small things you can do to manage your money!
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Top 5 iPhone Apps for College Students

Let’s face it: smartphones are becoming a crucial part of our day-to-day lives, as technology is making our lives “easier.” Many people say that smartphones are just making distractions for everyday activities, but in fact, there are some iPhone apps which can actually help! Instead of longing for a personal assistant, you can just use your smartphone to help you stay organized in your busy life as a college student.
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