Five Tips on Taking Better Class Notes

Lectures can be a drag. Even interesting and thought-provoking topics become dull after two hours of listening to someone talk about them. It’s easy to let your mind wander and miss important information. However, taking good notes can be an effective solution for this problem. Here are some tips:
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How to Find Scholarships

You’ve been working hard all year, taking good notes during lectures, writing papers, and studying for hours. With the steep cost of tuition, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little compensation for all that hard work? Read More

5 Stunning Places You’ve Never Heard About

Here is a list of places that I bet you have never heard of. With the ease of travel today, many of these gorgeous sites are easy to get to, but often go unnoticed. Sure you can visit Munich, Germany, but have you ever driven outside the cities and seen what lies in the countryside? Try not to miss these stunning places when you take your next trip!
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Ways to Spruce Up Your Dorm Room For Spring

If you’re anything like me, Spring Fever sets in the instant you’re back from Spring Break and won’t leave until it’s summertime.  While spring has many college students itching to break out shorts, Frisbees, and do anything but study for class, you can find ways to productively channel your spring fever energy.  Sprucing up your dorm room—yes, I mean spring cleaning—can be a fun activity that will help you stay motivated throughout the rest of the semester.
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Spring Cleaning: Clean Up your Dorm Closet!

With spring fever in the air, many of us college students are finally shedding our sweaters, scarves, and boots in exchange for shorts, flip-flops, and tees. We can’t wait to express our personal style and rock the season’s latest trends.

However, this transition may be more difficult for some people—those whose closets are disorganized, overflowing, and impossible to navigate. While dorm or apartment living can present a huge challenge to fashion-conscious college students, you can find ways to maximize your minimal closet space and make getting dressed in the morning easier.

Set aside an afternoon to clean up your closet using the following 3 tips and you’ll be thanking yourself for the rest of the semester.
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5 Tips to your first College Party!

Now, college parties aren’t normally as insane as you’ve seen in movies, but there are still some precautions to be taken. Most freshmen don’t think about these steps to take before going out with friends for the night. These rules apply to everyone, not just freshmen girls. Here are 5 tips to staying safe at your first college party:
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5 Tips to creating your first Resume

Are you a freshman or sophomore in college and in desperate need of a resume creation? In my experience, creating a resume earlier on will help you in the long-run—you will remember exactly what volunteering you did or positions you held on campus. Use these 5 steps to help you make your resume:
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4 Benefits of Remote Internships

If I could give one piece of advice to incoming college freshmen, I would tell them to get as many internships as they can. Any of my friends can tell you that I’ve really taken this philosophy to an extreme. If you take on a remote internship, you can just treat it as another class. It is the best way to gain experience without having to travel to an office multiple times a week.
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