Computer Literacy

We live in a very technology based world. Without computers and the internet, you would have no way of reading this article. As amazing as the tech world is, it can also be very difficult to navigate through all these machines without having lots of questions. With a growing need for computer literate students and employees, it is very important to stay up-to-date with the tools used in classrooms and work spaces. Read More

How To: Save Money This Summer

With the stress of the school year behind college students across the nation, attention turns to summer vacation. However this newfound freedom can get pricey from time to time, and it’s important to maintain a reasonable budget so no matter your socioeconomic class. Read More

5 Best Companies for Students on Twitter

Twitter is great for getting a wide variety of information, quickly and as it happens. But if you’re following too many people or companies, a lot of it can start to seem like little more than noise. So we’ve gone hunting and found five great companies geared toward students on Twitter. Here’s a look. Read More

Textbooks: Renting, Buying or E-books?

You’ve managed to snag all the classes you want this semester, but you weren’t thinking about the textbook tally when you did that. Now, armed only with ISBNs and the Internet, it’s time to find them all and get the best student deal on textbooks. How should you proceed: rent books, buy books or download e-books? The answer lies mostly in what’s best for your bank account and partly in what’s best for studying. Read More

Tips for Staying Fashionable on a College Budget

One of the biggest problems that a college girl can face is finding a way to keep her wardrobe fresh and fashionable while still being able to afford books and food. However, there are few simple things to try that can help you find that balance, and that are easier than you might think. Read More

Need a Caffeine Fix? Grab Some Tea.

We all know the feeling. Eyelids flickering in your late afternoon lecture, ready to shut. Repeated yawning in front of the computer screen at one in the morning when you have a paper due for your 8:00 am class. Exhaustion is unavoidable for busy college students, and its impacts on your work can be detrimental. But suppose you don’t want to join your friends in chugging Red Bulls, 5-hour ENERGY, and shots of espresso to stay awake? Luckily, there is a milder (and tasty) alternative. Read More

Apartment Hunting Tips: Boston

Moving off-campus can be exciting as well as fairly stressful. It is a huge step into adulthood, and with more and more schools suggesting that students move out of the dorms and into apartments earlier and earlier, there is higher demand and higher competition for that perfect place. Read More

College Libraries Go High-Tech

If you’re like a lot of college or university students, your idea of what the campus library has to offer is probably just a lot of dusty old books about a subject you won’t ever understand. But academic libraries have actually done an impressive job of keeping up with these ever changing high-tech times. Read More