College Confidential: Study Drugs

It’s 10 PM on a Sunday, you’ve got a killer Anatomy test tomorrow, and your extracurriculars have been taking up way too much time. And then there’s was that 2 hours of Arrested Development you probably shouldn’t have watched… your buddy has a prescription for Adderall and he offers you one. It’s prescription, so it’s safe, right? Well…. Read More

5 Must Haves for Your Wardrobe

How to make sure that bold new floral blouse, fuchsia pumps, and sweet costume jewelry all get their fair share of ware this season? Stick with some staples. Keeping it fresh is all about keeping your wardrobe on rotation, and pairing staples with a few new seasonal items is a great way to do that. Think black skirt and neutral tank top with those fuchsia pumps, or classic blazer with that bold necklace. If you don’t have staples, you’ll never have anything to wear! Here I outline a few key items to keep your college wardrobe fresh. Read More

How to Find Alone Time in College

Your roommate is awesome, you’re hooking up with a cutie on the next floor, and your R.A. is pretty much your new big brother. And, you get to see them all the time! So what’s the problem? You get to see them all the time…and I mean, all the time.

Everyone needs some space to stay sane. Here’s how to get yours. Read More

Ultimate Spring Playlist

Now that spring time has finally sprung, it is time for me to reload my iPod with some pump-up jams that put me in good mood. Whether I grab my iPod to hit the gym and get in shape for the summer, blast my favorite songs on long drives, or relax on my college campus’s green space, certain songs have a way to make all those days even better. Here is a preview of my ultimate spring playlist for this gorgeous spring weather! Read More

How to Avoid Spring Fever

With spring in full swing college students everywhere are starting to face the age old problem, Spring Fever. The nice weather and thoughts of summer fast approaching often causes students like me to shift our focus from school work to day-dreams. Fortunately however, I have found a few different ways to protect myself from Spring Fever and not fall into the unproductive trap that nice weather brings. Read More

The Great Internship Hunt

What’s been on my mind since January? Internships for the summer.

I suppose that’s always been on my mind as a journalism major since my chosen career path (and really universal for all careers) is all about applying what I learn in the classroom. So, getting the right experience under my belt is the best way to actually land a job after graduation.

My own internship hunt has been an insane roller coaster of countless cover letters, resume adjustments, interviews, follow-up notes, and rejections. Repeat.

Read More


5 Tips to Staying Healthy in College

Coming from someone who got her Hepatitis B vaccination in the waiting room of my doctor’s office (by a seriously dedicated nurse who came in on her day off) days before take-off to my abroad destination of Belize, I’m here to talk to you about common mistakes (and proactive tips!) of staying on top of your health (and health records) in college. Here are some 5 tips that I wish I had known before embarking on a nearly solo adventure of keeping on top of your own health in college. Read More

Moving off campus: What you need to know

Daunting yet exciting, that’s how I felt about making the transition from dorm to off-campus life. Yes, the cliche is true, with more freedom comes more responsibility. With greater space comes utility bills, with your kitchen and fridge comes shared chores, and with that sweet living room comes negotiating parties with your landlord. Read More

Top 10 iPad Apps for College Students

As iPad usage gets more and more popular, the amount of available apps seems to grow exponentially! Which apps are must-haves for college students? If you’re a new iPad user (or even if you use yours regularly already), this list can get you started: Read More