Traveling on a budget is no easy task, especially when there can be a multitude of places worth visiting. In New England, a great way to travel from state to state while being able to have plenty of lasting experiences is by journeying along the East coast. Depending on where you’re starting obviously impacts the trip, but let’s assume you’re venturing from south to north, beginning in Connecticut.

While it might not have the same jaw dropping sights as other New England states, Connecticut holds two huge casinos including Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun, even if you’re not willing to gamble much. Little victories might help pay for dinner, or if it’s not looking good at the slots leave sooner that later. Set a maximum you’re willing to gamble, and save all of your winnings instead of reusing them. That way you’ll feel like you’re coming away with something instead even if you lost money overall.

In Rhode Island you’ll find the biggest little city in New England, Providence. You can enjoy everything the Providence Place Mall has to offer, not to mention utilizing the transportation available in the city to venture elsewhere. There are many train departures from Providence to Boston, so if you’re planning to save gas make sure to take advantage of public transportation.

Boston has a number of legendary places you must see if you’ve never visited before. Tours are frequently available to see inside Fenway Park, and the Museum of Science is a must if you’re bringing younger kids. Of course you might not be able to do everything because of the costs, so make sure you’re looking into student discounts and online coupons before you begin your vacation.

Vermont has plenty places to see, but you need to make sure you take advantage of the lack of a sales tax in New Hampshire. If you want to shop during your trip, be sure to do so once you arrive there in order to save money. There’s more to do in New Hampshire than simply shop of course, though the Old Man of the Mountain no longer looks over the state after it fell in 2003. There are more than 100 waterfalls throughout the state including within the White Mountains.

At the peak of your East coast trip you’ll arrive in Maine, where you can relax on the beach. A number of popular beach sites along the coast, one of the best areas is Old Orchard Beach which is great for families. There are biking paths and an amusement park as well as golf courses and canoeing. You’ll certainly find something worth traveling for including a special lobster dinner treat.


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