People who are gifted with a beautiful voice should consider singing professionally. Most music colleges throughout the nation offer undergraduate and graduate courses in musical arts. Most singers who wish to be taken seriously usually pursue a formal education in music with the top music schools in the country.

Here are the top 10 music schools in the U.S. today:

1. The Juilliard School in New York, New York

Julliard is known for its national reputation for educational excellence in the performing arts. Their vocal arts courses are Bachelor of Music and Undergraduate diploma in Voice, Master of Music and Graduate Diploma in Voice, Artist Diploma in Voice, Artist Diploma in Opera Studies and Doctor of Musical Arts in Voice.

This school is also distinctly known for the Julliard Manuscript Collection, which is a collection of 139 priceless collector’s items from the masters of the classical music era.

2. Manhattan School of Music in New York, NY

Although this school is distinctly known as The Center for Music Entrepreneurship’s programs,it is also one of the top music schools for singers where students are given the chance to observe professional opera singers and also get the opportunity to perform as well.

Their vocal courses are Bachelor of Music/ Voice Major, Master of Music / Major in Voice, Opera Studies Program, Professional Studies Certificate Program, Doctor of Musical Arts in Voice.

3. Yale University in New Haven, CT

Yale school of music boasts of their international programs in music. They have hosted the Musicathlon, where they did concerts, lectures and master classes for two weeks prior to the start of the Olympic Games in 2008.

Yale offers courses such as Master of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts, Artist Diploma, Certificate in Performance, and Bachelor of Arts / Master of Music Degree.

4. Berklee College of Music, Boston, M.A.

This school is known to be the first music school in the U.S. to include jazz in its curriculum. Their revolutionary principle of training an unconventional teaching methods have made them one of the top music schools in the country. They basically offer the same courses as the top three music schools and they have also recently launched their online degree program.

5. Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

Bucknell University is also considered as one of the top music schools today because they encourage creativity that fosters exceptional artistic and personal growth among their students. They provide a dynamic environment which is ideal in challenging students musically and intellectually. They are also well known for the scholarships they offer to music majors.

6. DePauw University, Greencastle, IN

Well known for the DePauw Opera Program, this music school has made innovations and revisions to their past music curriculums to encourage students to develop the needed attitudes, skills and habits that allow them to create opportunities for themselves, instead of just seeking employment in existing musical organizations.

7. Furman University, Greenville SC

Furman University also offers a music scholarship for exceptional students who pass the screening auditions. They are also well known in the Maxwell Music Library which is also available online.

8. Oberlin College and Conservatory, Oberlin OH

Oberlin College and Conservatory is the oldest conservatory of music in the US. It has received the National Medal for the arts in 2009. Their vocal courses are Bachelor of Music/Voice, Performance Diploma, Master of Contemporary Chamber Music, Master of Music in Teaching, Artist Diploma and the Double Degree program.

9. Butler School of Music, University of Texas at Austin

This school is located in what is known as the live music capital of the world. They offer comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs specializing in both the practical and theoretical disciplines that prepare their students for the changing world of music.


10. Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN

This top music school is known to host eight concert series per year. They offer three undergraduate programs in the study of voice, namely Bachelor of Music Performance degree, Bachelor of Music Musical Arts degree and Bachelor of Music – Musical Arts/Teacher Education degree. Their curriculum focuses on training the students in vocal pedagogy, applied voice, chamber music, proper lyric diction and proper practice methods and style.

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