International tax filing

The US Tax Season kicked off at the end of January which means you can now file your US tax return. While this might not sound like particularly good news, tax experts Sprintax assure us that it is. Why? Because most international students in the US who file their US tax return are entitled to a tax refund. A tax refund – or windfall – is a pretty nice way to kick off the semester. So, how do you file a tax return and how much money could you get back?

Sprintax gave us the stats – 85% of international students who file their tax return with them are due a tax refund of nearly $1000. Yes, you read that correctly! A refund like that would give you enough to book one of our amazing trips, anywhere from Dubai to Beijing to Peru! If you’re not working and paying tax during your time in the US, you might wonder how it’s possible that you’re due a tax refund – here’s how.

The US tax system is different to any other in the world, so first off, you need to know that regardless of whether or not you’re working in the US, you’re obligated by law to file Form 8843. Furthermore, as an international student in the US you’re classed as a ‘nonresident for tax purposes’, which means you have to file Form 1040NR – the nonresident version of form 1040 which US residents sign.

1040, 1040NR, 8843, tax deductions – yikes, how many forms are there? Aside from these forms, you may also be able to claim some of the 350 personal tax deductions and allowances available to non-residents. So how are you supposed to know when to file, what tax treaties you can avail of and what you can and can’t claim? Well this is exactly why we love Sprintax – they know all of the tricky stuff inside out and can help you

Sprintax is designed specifically for international students in the US who need help filing their federal, state and FICA tax returns. They’ll help you along every step of the way – from figuring out your residency status, to finding all the deductions you’re entitled to, doing all the calculations for you and filling out all the forms. Not only that but they’ll make sure to get you your tax refund in the process, with 85% of their customers getting a tax rebate of $1000. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be able to get more.

Choosing Sprintax means you get:

  • Guaranteed IRS compliance
  • Federal, State and FICA tax return filing
  • ITIN application
  • Online access and assistance worldwide
  • Tax code expertise
  • All tax treaties and deductions applied to your return

some of which you might not get if you filed independently. All it takes to get started is a few easy steps.

So, if you want to make sure you file your 2013 tax return correctly and get a tax refund in the process, Sprintax is the way to go! Get in touch with them today.


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