Are you obsessed with social media? Can you not remember the last period of time you went without Tweeting or checking your Facebook? Now, instead of having to constantly open these sites on your computer, you can have notifications come directly to your iPhone! The following five applications are the most beneficial social networking programs, in my opinion.

1.  Facebook
This app is GREAT for keeping up with your notifications, but I personally think that it is trying to do too much at one time. The Facebook app will give you iPhone notifications of Facebook notifications, messages, friend requests, etc. At the same time, if you would like to have an immediate Facebook chat conversation through messaging, then this isn’t the app to do it. This particular Facebook app’s best features are receiving notifications and browsing your news feed. If you would like to use a Facebook app to chat, then you should try Facebook Messenger.

2. Twitter
The Twitter app notifies you when someone mentions or direct messages you. This is a great way to “actively Tweet,” while you’re going about your day. There are four tabs at the bottom of the app: Home (Twitter feed), Connect (Mentions), Discover (Trending Topics) and Me (Your Twitter profile). The whole Twitter concept helps you stay connected to the world, but now that it is an iPhone app, you can REALLY be a part of the Twitterverse.

3.  Instagram
If you have an iPhone and haven’t yet experienced Instagram, now is your time! Instagram is an app which lets you change the looks of your iPhone pictures and then share them with your Twitter and Facebook friends. There are five picture tabs at the bottom of the app: Home (Photo feed), Star (Popular pictures), Camera (To upload your pictures and change the effects), Heart (Notifications of who likes/comments on your photos), and Nametag (Your personal profile/information). Once you upload your picture, you can change the effects on it and decide if you want to connect with FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter and/or e-mail. Instagram is known as being “hipster” because it makes your iPhone pictures have special effects.

4. FourSquare
The FourSquare app really lets you step up your FourSquare “Game.” The app has five tabs at the bottom: Friends (Feed of Check-Ins), Explore (Locations around you), Check-In (Where you Check-In!), Lists (Collection of what you want to try) and “Your Name” (Your FourSquare profile). This app lets you check-in to locations, gain points, leave tips and see where your friends’ favorite check-in spots are! This is beneficial when trying to find a store or restaurant near you.

5. LinkedIn
This app allows you to see your professional LinkedIn profile in four different sections:  Updates (Newsfeed), You (Your profile and who has viewed it recently), Inbox (Pending connection invitations and messages), and Groups & More (People you may know and groups you belong to). This app really helps to keep your professional profile up-to-date!

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