Let’s face it: smartphones are becoming a crucial part of our day-to-day lives, as technology is making our lives “easier.” Many people say that smartphones are just making distractions for everyday activities, but in fact, there are some iPhone apps which can actually help! Instead of longing for a personal assistant, you can just use your smartphone to help you stay organized in your busy life as a college student.

Bank of America/Citizens Bank: (Cost: Free!) Whether or not your parents are supporting your living expenses throughout college, there is a definite need to keep track of your finances! The Bank of America and Citizens Bank iPhone apps are great for checking your account balance on the go, figuring out the nearest ATM/branch locations and looking up contact information for the banks. I personally check my Citizens Bank account daily, which makes the app very convenient. More importantly, both of these apps are safe—the apps have the same security measures as on the banking websites. With these apps, there will hopefully be no need for surprising phone calls from parents about the crazy spending in your accounts.

Mint: (Cost: Free!) If you are already familiar with the Bank of America and Citizens Banks apps, you might want to try Mint! Mint is a personal finance app and website, which can help budget your expenses, based on the amount of money you have in your bank accounts. Mint also prides itself on being extremely secure; the app lets you connect your credit cards and bank accounts. Many friends have told me that this helps them with monitoring spending on groceries, gas, clothes, etc. The app also gives great advice on how to budget yourself—you can create financial goals for yourself and Mint will keep track of what you have accomplished!

Blackboard: (Cost: Free!) This website and app is used by many college professors in order to upload documents and assignments for college students. This is a great tool for communication between professors and students—if your teacher uses it, you should definitely check it often! If you are on the go and need to be refreshed about what your assignment is for your class, you can use the Blackboard app to remind yourself! The app acts just like the website and your phone lets you see all documents and assignments that your teacher has posted.

Google Calendar: (Cost: Free!) While many people tend to use Outlook, I prefer Google Calendar. If you use Gmail as your primary use of email, then you should consider using your Google Calendar also. The Google Calendar app syncs with my iPhone calendar (just like a personal assistant!) Depending on the settings of each event, my phone will alert me. This is a great tool to utilize when assignment due dates are approaching. You can never be disorganized with the Google Calendar app!

Pocket Lists: (Cost: $0.99!) The Pocket Lists app has the ability to sync with the Google Calendar application. The app acts like a virtual to-do list, which alerts you when tasks need to be finished. You can pick the level of urgency of the task, or when exactly it needs to be done by. Even when I don’t need to be reminded of a task, it is great to know that my iPhone Pocket Lists app is there to act as my assistant.

All of these iPhone applications can be extremely helpful when trying to juggle a busy schedule. If you use these apps to the best of your ability, you will never miss a class deadline, bill payment or random task! Take a moment to play around with these apps to figure out which will help you the most.


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