In this day and age, college students do it all. They have class work, internships, dates, and weekend activities. With a schedule like that, they need a phone that is compatible with such a jampacked and fast paced lifestyle. Thus birthed the iPhone and Android with all of their wonderful apps! There is an app for pretty much everything and if not, you can be sure that the technology is right around the corner.

We know everyone is different and has different app needs, so we broke it down for you below – the must-have apps for different types of student. You may already have a bunch of these apps and have suggestions for more. Shoot us an email with any of your suggestions and we will be happy to share them.

All-Star Apps:

No need for an explanation. These apps can be found on almost every phone in any classroom. If you don’t have them, maybe it’s time to get them!

For the intern:

Since it’s summer internship season, here are some must-have apps to be sure you stay connected even when you’re on the go, whether with your employer or clients.

For the cosmopolitan:

If you were lucky enough to land an internship in Manhattan or some other metropolis, then be sure to download apps that will help you get from point A to point B. After spending plenty of time in the subway, it’s definitely important to get the right apps. Find out if your subway system has wifi because if it doesn’t then apps that require a connection won’t work.

For the social butterfly:

Whether you have to stay in touch with parents, some cutie you met last week, or your friends for weekend plans, chances are that there are times when you can’t put your phone down. Here are some communication apps that could make texting a bit easier and more fun!

For the photographer:

Sometimes we forget how many pixels our camera phones have and like to enjoy the simpler things, such as photo filters and sending quick snapshots to friends.


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