10 Best Mobile Apps for Students in 2018

StudentUniverse’s mobile marketing strategist, Raheem, has put together a list of the best mobile apps for students to download in 2018. Read on to learn about apps that you’ll want to download ASAP to help with anything from diets to budgets.


New Student Apps for the New Year

The onset of the new year means it’s time to get organized! These apps, recommended by our very own mobile marketing strategist, are guaranteed to make your life easier. From dating to photos to transportation, get it all right in your pocket! Take the expert’s advice and let us know your favorite newly discovered apps. Read More

How To Keep Your Devices Secure While Abroad

If you’re headed abroad, it’s likely that in the chaos of buying last minute essentials, packing and checking in for your flights that one thing that may not have crossed your mind is how to keep your devices secured while abroad. Whether you’re traveling with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, these expert mobile security tips will make sure your data stays put while you’re on the go. Read More

Have you tried the new StudentUniverse app?

As a student, I am the first one to admit that my cell phone may be physically attached to my person… between emails, text messages, and Facebook/Instagram, it’s tough to put it down.  With the StudentUniverse app, I am continued to be impressed by my phone and the travel agency!  I am thrilled to be… Read More

Don’t worry, Be ‘Appy!


Andy’s Favorite Mobile Travel Apps

Mobile technology has revolutionized backpacking. There are more apps and websites than ever to help you plan and organize your trips. I’d like to share with you some general thoughts on apps, and then a my favorite specific ones to wrap up. Read More

Top Apps for Travelers

social mediaWith technological advancements, our phones have made traveling progressively easier. After browsing the web and asking travelers what works for them, we were able to bring you the top 10 travel apps. Feel free to suggest more helpful apps in the comment box below! Read More

Apps for College Students Part 2

More awesome apps right at your fingertips! For the gamer: Draining your battery is quite easy when you have one game, or several, that you just can’t get enough of. Have you tried these? Minecraft – ($6.99, but there’s a LITE version that’s free!) Candy Crush Saga Megapolis For the foodie: Whether you like to cook… Read More

Apps for College Students Part 1

In this day and age, college students do it all. They have class work, internships, dates, and weekend activities. With a schedule like that, they need a phone that is compatible with such a jampacked and fast paced lifestyle. Thus birthed the iPhone and Android with all of their wonderful apps! There is an app… Read More

Brand new mobile site!

We realize that you savvy travelers all enjoy being able to find great deals on your phone and search for cheap flights while on-the-go. That’s why we’ve decided to give our mobile site a makeover and make it easier for you to check your flight status, book a room and of course, find the best flight deals… Read More

Mac vs. PC

For the majority of my life, I have to say I was an avid PC fan. Apple computers seemed inconvenient since most people didn’t work with their operating system. However, after buying my first laptop computer (an HP PC), I was left craving a Mac. Read More