As a student, I am the first one to admit that my cell phone may be physically attached to my person… between emails, text messages, and Facebook/Instagram, it’s tough to put it down.  With the StudentUniverse app, I am continued to be impressed by my phone and the travel agency!  I am thrilled to be able to inquire about flight prices when I’m on the go.  Whether it’s a quick quote for a flight from Logan to BWI or planning a trip abroad to Italy with friends – the app makes travel research quick and easy!


But that’s not all it can do!  Here are some more of its capabilities:

  • Deals for Students. Book flights, hotels & manage your trips
  • Cheap Student Flights. Exclusive flight deals for students
  • Hotel Deals.  Book exclusive rates for students
  • Access TripLingo. The ultimate language & culture guide for trips abroad

Check out the app for yourself: iPhone or Google Android


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