Buying textbooks during the first week of class eats a good chunk of change from anyone’s pocket. Selling the books back to the campus bookstore seems like a simple way to get some cash back at the end of the semester, but your campus store won’t necessarily offer you the most money. I used to think that Amazon was the only site that bought back books, but they only offer Amazon gift cards in return. Fortunately, there are lots of other options for selling your textbooks that are all worth a look.

Most buyback sites offer free shipping to students selling their books. Rent-A-Text websites like:

all offer free shipping to anyone selling books. Sites like Blue Rocket Books and also provide a shipping label and pay the shipping for you.

Most sites will offer you the option of payment via PayPal or personal check. Another option is to receive store credit from the site, for a larger amount than the other forms of payment. This comes in handy when a new semester rolls around.

CKY Books is interesting, because it offers a statement that not many other sites seem to claim. At CKY Books, items that are sent in but do not fit the guidelines are placed on hold and an email of the problem is sent out to you. From there, you have the choice to have your book returned to you, if you want it back to try to sell elsewhere or to give to a classmate. If you don’t want the book back, it is recycled or donated to an international non-profit organization. is a great site for comparing prices. All you have to do is enter the ISBN number to search for the best buyback prices. The site automatically compares prices from over 40 different websites, to maximize the return amount, without consuming all your time.

Before going to your campus bookstore to sell back your textbooks, at least compare prices on these sites to make sure you are getting paid top dollar.

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