Higher education is expensive, plain and simple. It set’s both parent’s a student’s in debt that takes years to pay off. Some schools are more expensive than others; private vs. public, in state, or out-of-state tuition, or if the school is in a big city or not can contribute to the cost. Specific programs may cost more than others as well. Most places, however, do offer financial aid. Listed are some of the most expensive schools in the United States as of 2011 tuition rates.

This list was made consulting www.Forbes.com and www.huffingtonpost.com

  1. Sarah Lawrence College: Yonkers, NY
    • This is the second year in a row that Sarah Lawrence has topped the list of being one of the US’s most expensive college’s. It does have a lot of perks though, with the average class size at 12 students, and the largest lecture hosting only 75 students.
    • All-inclusive Cost: $58, 334/ year, 4-years: $240,000
    • Books: $4,300
    • Percent students with Grants: 64%
    • Student/ teacher ratio: 9:1
  2. Wesleyan University: Middletown, Conn
    • Wesleyan offers over 900 courses over 40 departments and sponsors international programs in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and many more.
    • All-inclusive Tuition: $53,976
    • Undergraduates: 2,870
    • Student/ Teacher Ration: 9:1
  3. Columbia University, New York, NY
    • Home of some of the best professors, which include Nobel Prize winners Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Mundell, it also hosts 22 libraries and covers 36 acres in the Big Apples.
    • Tuition: $53,874
    • Undergraduates: 1,870
    • Student/ Teacher Ration:
  4. John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
    • John Hopkins is a huge research institution, especially in the medical field, that boasts 33 Nobel Prize members as either facility of alumni. It offer’s 50 majors and 40 minors over humanities, social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences.
    • All-inclusive Tuition: $53,690
    • Undergraduates: 5,000
    • Student/ Teacher Ration: Range from 10-100+:1
  5. 5. Georgetown University, Washington DC
    • This private school is known for its international affairs and law programs
    • All-inclusive Tuition: $53,591
    • Undergraduates: 6,300
    • Student/ Teacher Ration: over 1,500 facility members
  6. New York University, New York, NY
    • This university offers 15 different schools, colleges, and divisions in areas such as the Arts, Sciences, Law, Business, Public Services, and the NYU School of Medicine.
    • All-inclusive Tuition: $53,589
    • Undergraduates: 19,41
    • Student/ Teacher Ratio: n/a
  7. Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA
    • One of the top math, science and engineering colleges in the United States, and boasts the highest earning graduates according to a recent repot. Most classes have fewer than 30 students, and two thirds have less than 20 students per class. Every one of the 82 facility hold PhD’s or terminal degree’s in their fields.
    • All-inclusive Tuition: $53,496
    • Undergraduates: 756 (total students)
    • Student/ Teacher Ratio: 20:1
  8. Barnard College, New York, NY
      • This all- girls college is the “most sought-after liberal arts college for women in the United States.” The school works closely with Columnia University nearby for classes, sports, and student organizations.
      • All-inclusive Tuition: $53,496
      • Undergraduates: 600
      • Student/ Teacher Ratio: 150 facility members
  9. Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
    • A small, liberal arts college in the Hudson Valley that hosts many notable journalists in the facility and small classes.
    • All-inclusive Tuition: $53,480
    • Undergraduates: 1,960
    • Student/ Teacher Ratio: 156 facility members
  10. Trinity College, Hartford, Conn
    • All classes at the liberal arts school are taught by facility not graduate students, offering 900 courses and 38 majors. 50% of students study abroad.
    • All-inclusive tuition: $53,330
    • Undergraduates: 2,073
    • Student Teacher Ratio: 10:1

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