Despite the dreary weather this season’s fashion has been anything but. Lots of colors, patterns and sparkles have added a nice touch to all the gray winter brings. Here are some of my favorite items that have gained popularity among college ladies this season!

Patterned Leggings
After two years of wearing plain black leggings, I was more than ready to spice up my legging collection with some fun patterns. They can be tricky to pull off so I made sure to pair them with a basic slouchy shirt. As for shoes I think leggings look best with boots, flats or heals. There are tons of variations, so if you’re not comfortable stepping out in a bold pair, some subtle patterns are just as stylish.

Colored Jeans
They say wearing white jeans in the winter is tacky (I disagree), but wearing the colors of the rainbow is a very in style this winter. I recently bought a pair of dark green jeans and I absolutely adore them. Colored jeans are perfect for adding some unexpected and welcome color to your wardrobe this season!

Shorts Over Tights
Who says you can’t wear shorts in winter? Let your shorts get some love ! Take them out of storage and wear them over tights or leggings. They can easily be dressed up or down. To dress the outfit up, wear a nice blouse and a blazer with subtle tights or leggings, staying away from bold colors or patterns. Wear nice boots or heals to pull together the whole look. To dress the look down, wear a loose sweater and casual boots.

Chunky Knit Sweaters
So comfortable and flattering on any figure. I love waking up and throwing on a warm sweater with some leggings and boots. This is one of my favorite looks because I can be effortlessly stylish and ready for a day of classes. It is as cozy as wearing sweats, but so much cuter. Add some accessories to the look for variety; a necklace, bold earrings, leg warmers, etc.

Nail Art
So many patterns, colors and sparkles have taken over college girl’s nails this winter! There should be nothing holding you back from getting creative with your nails. If you’re like me, not the most skilled nail painter, Sally Hansen has awesome stick on patterns. I recently bought the leopard print stick ons. They last decently long and are fun to wear out! If you  prefer a subtler look, paint your nails two different colors, or simpler patterns. Around campus I have seen a lot of students wearing two different colors on their nails. To get that look paint the majority of your nails one color, and leave a few for a different color. I really like to paint a couple nails with sparkle and the rest in a solid color.

A new way of wearing a head band! I love this look! If you’ve been up studying all night with no time to do your hair, throw on a turban headband and you’re ready to go in seconds. I recently just bought a headwrap from Urban Outfitters.

Spirit Hood
These hats are crazy! At first I wasn’t sure anyone could pull this look off… but I have seen many girls around campus rock it. A spirit hood is a fun accessory and keeps you  warm in the cold weather! I haven’t got my paws (pun intended) on one of these babies yet, but it is on my list. This isn’t a gender specific trend, so men, jump on this, the ladies will want to pet you…

This season is all about trying new things! Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone, and try a pattern or color you would never have dreamed of wearing before. Who knows—it may just brighten up your winter!

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