It’s finally beginning to feel like summer outside, and that means no more hiding under layers of wool, or simply relying on your leather riding boots for everyday footwear. Here is a list of five items that will seamlessly transition your wardrobe into one any beach babe would envy.

1. Lightweight Scarf.
This might seem a little counter-intuitive, considering we are trying to shy away from the winter wear, but just hear me out. A lightweight scarf brings a whole new life to any simple t-shirt in your closet, without adding too much extra bulk or heat. Unlike the heavier scarfs usually donned in the winter months, these scarves are typically sold in fun, vibrant colors and patterns as well!

2. Colored Jeans
These are probably the biggest trend hitting college campuses, well, pretty much everywhere, right now. They are such a simple way to make your basic outfit way more interesting. All of the comfort of jeans, with the extra style bonus, win-win!  These are sold in pretty much every color, and the more vibrant, the less you will be thinking of those grey, winter months! If you are iffy about this trend sticking around, head on over to Forever21 and get an inexpensive, but super cute pair!

3. Neon Sandals
If you are looking to sport the neon trend in the warm months, the best way to start would be from the bottom up. Neon sandals are a subtle way to work a little neon into any everyday outfit. Head on over to J.Crew for some very cute and stylish neon sandals

4. Sunglasses
What says summer better than a new pair of shades? Among the many trends emerging for the year on the eyewear front, such as cat-eye, wayfarer, and the vintage half-frame style, the most avante-guard would have to be the 70’s circle frames. Take your pick among all of these stylish options and you will instantly be in the summer mood.

5. High-Waisted Shorts
70’s style fans, rejoice! Whether they are cotton or denim, high-waisted shorts are very in for this summer. They are super comfortable, and can be worn with pretty much every top already in your closet.

These five items will help your wardrobe come out of hibernation and into the sunshine! By the way, both J.Crew and Forever 21 have deals for students over on the Student Universe Deals page, happy shopping!

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