It is the end of the semester and you are busier than you have ever been during the whole year: you are busy pulling all-nighters, studying for finals, turning in those twenty page papers, and finishing up summer internship plans. In addition, there is a certain date and time for you to move out of your resident hall and you have not even started clearing out your room. Moving can be stressful and generally not fun, but with good planning you can move out of your dorm room without the need to scramble and with minimal hassle.

Here are some five helpful tips to keep at the back of your head:

1) Be Prepared

Find out when you have to move out of your dorm. Know what is required when your room is inspected as some resident halls require you to remove everything and to leave the dorm room empty. Find out what you have to do with the keys and where the garbage goes.

2) Find Storage Place

If you live within driving distance to your parents’ house, then finding storage is already taken care of: just transport all your dorm furniture back to mom and dad. However, if you attend college out-of-state, on the other side of the country, or even abroad, then you will have to find a place to put all your belongings. First, check if your college allows you to place things on campus over the summer. If not, hire a storage company. During mid-semester, you ought to start seeing flyers or promotions for storage companies around campus. Do research on them and compare the deals. Most companies will provide boxes and a kit to help you pack up. (see BoxMyDorm)  Partner up with a friend or classmate and share a storage unit to reduce the costs. Better yet, if you have relatives or friends who live in the area, ask them if they can take in your stuff.

3) How to Pack

When you are packing, separate your items into two piles: decide what you need with you over the summer and what you will not need until the fall. As you pack, you may come across a load of papers and brochures, books, food, and clothing that you don’t want or need anyone. Recycle the papers. Instead of discarding (and therefore wasting) the other items, give them to a friend or a dorm mate or leave it in a place for anyone to take.

4) Tidying Up

Sweep and vacuum your dorm room, making sure you collect all the dust bunnies in the corner. Throw away any remaining garbage in the trash. Remove any stains that are on the walls. Leave the room as clean as possible. Reorganize the dorm furniture as you originally found it or you may incur a fine.

5) Final Look

Do one last sweep and search every nook and cranny- drawers, desk corners, under the bed, etc. – for anything (especially small items) you could have possibly missed. Close the windows and turn off the lights. Give the room one last look and say goodbye to your dorm room. Do not forget to check out with your resident advisor. And you’re done!

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