Colleges tend to get a reputation. You talk about a college and everyone knows what type it is. It’s not a good or a bad thing, just a known fact. Here are some of the top college types you will run into.

1. The Elitist Colleges


Oh, you didn’t go there? Too bad. Everyone who ever went there is better than you only because they went to school there. They wear school colors, like always, and they always find a way to bring up their school in conversations.

2. The Sports Colleges


What do you mean you’re not going to the game? The school survives entirely on the success of its sports teams and everyone is a super fan. Face paint is as common as makeup and academics are just a detour on the campus tour.

3. The Hipster Colleges


It is considered hipster just to go there. But, every person on campus is the most hipster of them all. They each have a different definition of what makes them hipster and they will defend it to the death. Mostly, they just do things that don’t make sense.

4. The Safety Colleges


Only people that didn’t get in somewhere else go there – or at least that’s what everyone from back home tells them. One thing is for certain – the sports teams are always better than the school they didn’t get into.

5. The Bookworm Colleges


The library is the busiest building on campus, even on Friday night. Oddly enough, they often do know how to party. The trouble is just finding time to do so between studying. Some of your best friends go to bookworm schools, but you never see them because they are way too dedicated.

6. The Traveler Colleges


Everyone on campus is either from another country or has traveled the world. They all have different interests, have been places or done things you’ve never even heard of, and they have crazy stories from all over the world. Studying abroad is almost mandatory.

7. The Party Colleges


Is it Wasted Wednesday yet? They have competitive leagues for drinking games and the campus can easily be mistaken for a battlefield on Sunday mornings. Friends visit every weekend from other schools and the most common word used at breakfast is “epic”. Partying is a lifestyle.

So, which do you think your college is? Share this with your classmates and see if they agree with you!

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