The time for fireworks, festivities, freedom, and good old American fun is right around the corner. No matter where you will be celebrating this glorious day of patriotism and independence, you are bound to run into every kind of wonderful American possible. Here are just a few! Remind you of anyone?

1. The older person who is just so darn proud of being an American

2. The person who will never stop yelling “U-S-A!”

3. The person who is just there for the fireworks

4. The person who wants to find a secret map for a buried treasure on a government-owned document

5. The person who thinks America is just okay and will try to kill your patriotic vibe

6. The person who will constantly remind you that America is the best… for every and any reason you could imagine

7. The person just happy to be there who bounces on the couch as enthusiastically as possible

8. The person who will mention at least once that this guy should be our president

9. The girl who uses an American flag to show her pride for her country… and her body

10. …And the guy who uses an American flag to show his pride for his country… and his body

11. The super intoxicated person who has good intentions but can’t seem to put his patriotic language into coherence

12. The patriotic historian

At the end of the day, no matter what type of American you are, make sure to enjoy America’s birthday celebration! And then, with the rest of the summer ahead of you, take an awesome trip to a beautiful part of America you’ve never visited before. Are you from outside the country? Visit the United States and meet all 12 of these people in person.

Who else do you think should have made the list?

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