Flying might not always be relaxing, but it most certainly is never boring.

1.  Flight attendant tells you to “power down your mobile device.”

2.  Go to check your bag.

3.  Slept through the drink cart.

4.  A family with babies passes you.

5.  A five-minute tutorial on how to use a seatbelt.

6.  You get seated in an empty row.

7.  Inside the VIP lounge.

8.  Landed.

9.  Being on a plane without TVs.

10.  [Insert unwanted dialogue].

11.  Before boarding or after landing

12.  Smelly neighbor

13.  “We will be boarding shortly”

14.  Seated next to a hottie

15.  Have to pee but your neighbor is sleeping

16.  Before the flight.

17.  After the flight.

18.  Ate your weight in Cinnabon even though you weren’t hungry.

19.  Waiting for your checked bag

20.  Baby crying

21.  Flight attendant gives you an extra bag of pretzels.

If you laughed, share with your friends so they know what a witty traveler you are, and book your next trip! If you didn’t, book a flight now because you obvi haven’t flown lately. Or trains are always a great option.
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