Whether you are studying abroad, vacationing, backpacking or any other reason for traveling internationally, there are certain things you should never do.

1. Take pictures of security-related buildings
If it’s a government building, cool looking police quarters, or even inside an airport – ASK FIRST! In many countries you can be detained for photographing these places.

2. Buy Knock off products


You will be arrested if you’re caught.

3. Trust anyone giving you a “great deal” (unless it’s StudentUniverse)


99% of the time they are trying to rob you or sell you something illegal.

4. Buy illegal drugs


The penalties for drug charges in most countries are severely worse than in the US, including imprisonment without bail or trial for up to a year!

5. Lose track of what you’re spending


Americans have been arrested for mistakenly going over their credit limit while abroad.

6. Join a protest


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an American thing. In other countries, demonstrations can quickly result in violence, detention and deportation.

7. Drink too much


Drinks are a lot stronger in other countries. Don’t make poor life decisions because you drank what is normally your limit.

8. Speak louder because you are speaking a different language


Just because someone speaks a different language, doesn’t mean they are deaf!

9. Use “American” hand gestures


Different gestures mean different things depending where you are. For example, you may think you’re giving the peace sign to someone in the UK, but they might take it as you flipping them off.

10. Drive off the main roads


More than 200 U.S. citizens die each year from car accidents while abroad. If you are going to drive, know the rules of the road for that country and don’t forget your International Driving Permit.

-And finally for the love of Pete –


Have you ever seen the show “Locked Up Abroad?” If you haven’t, you should. You do not want to end up in a foreign prison where you have no rights. But if you do find yourself in a legal situation, contact the closest U.S. embassy or consulate for help.

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