The 12 People You Will Encounter on the Fourth of July

The time for fireworks, festivities, freedom, and good old American fun is right around the corner. No matter where you will be celebrating this glorious day of patriotism and independence, you are bound to run into every kind of wonderful American possible. Here are just a few! Remind you of anyone? 1. The older person… Read More

10 Key Ah-Ha Moments About Speaking a Foreign Language

1. You think you spoke naturally and grammatically well… until your friends tell you what you really said 2. Your Americans friends’ reaction when you break out in a foreign language back home 3. You start to pick up interesting facial /head movements 4. Your enthusiasm for trying to get better 5. How you feel when you use… Read More

10 Things You Will Learn While Studying Abroad in Scotland

Scotland is a great place to study abroad; the country boasts high caliber universities, rich history, thriving nightlife, and dramatic natural landscapes. And while it may not seem like the most exotic destination, if you are departing from America, there are many things you may learn studying abroad in Scotland, our across-the-pond neighbor. 1. There… Read More

Stereotypical College Student Labels

1. The Teacher’s Pet The ones who stay late, come early, and always have their hand raised even if they have nothing of substance to remark on 2. The “Herbal Practitioner” Usually the ones that get the most out of their school’s dining hall 3. The Heavy Drinkers Have a different holiday for each day… Read More

11 Things You Should NEVER Do While Abroad

Whether you are studying abroad, vacationing, backpacking or any other reason for traveling internationally, there are certain things you should never do. 1.       Take pictures of security-related buildings  If it’s a government building, cool looking police quarters, or even inside an airport – ASK FIRST! In many countries you can be detained for photographing these… Read More

11 Reasons to Travel Solo

Often, traveling alone doesn’t get a lot of love. After all, you aren’t with your friends and you’ll be lonely and crying yourself to sleep the whole time… right? Think again! Traveling alone can be one of the most fun, rewarding, and life-changing experiences you’ll ever go through! Here’s 11 reasons why you should: 1.… Read More