Fall is in full swing… do you know what that means? Off-season prices! Fall travel is the perfect way to remedy your travel bug by embracing the discounted flight and hotel prices of the off-season. Whether you’re looking to add another stamp to your passport or travel domestically and explore the U.S., the fall season is the perfect time to book your next adventure. 

Cheapest Flights of the Season

There’s a destination to satisfy all your travel desires (without breaking the bank). Looking for a cool city to visit during your fall travel getaway without emptying out your wallet? Denver, Montreal, Copenhagen and Delhi are the cheapest cities to hit this fall. 

Domestic Flights in US

If your fall travel plans involve staying State-side, the cheapest US domestic flight is Dallas to Denver from $43** roundtrip. If that isn’t your itinerary of choice, we’ve got flights to Houston from $50**, Omaha $54**, Denver $54**, Austin $67**, Orlando $67**, Philadelphia $68**, Dallas $72**, Las Vegas $73**, Long Beach $76** and New York from $77** roundtrip. Exploring the U.S. has never been this cheap (or easy).


US to Canada

Thinking of venturing to our Northern neighbors for your fall travel plans? The cheapest flight to Canada is Boston to Montreal for $130** roundtrip. You can also get to Quebec, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver from under $200** roundtrip. Not bad, eh?


US to Europe

Eurotrip, anyone? Now that sounds like a great fall travel adventure. The cheapest flight to Europe is Boston to Copenhagen for $319** roundtrip. Roundtrip flights to Amsterdam, Dublin, Brussels, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Porto and Madrid, Zurich, Paris, Dublin and Valencia all (yes, ALL) start under $400** as well.


US to Asia

Want to head east? The cheapest flight to Asia is Los Angeles to Delhi for $342** roundtrip. From Los Angeles, you can also get to Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul, Osaka, Fuzhou, Beijing, Nanchang, Shanghai and Chengdu for less than $400** roundtrip.


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**The prices quoted here are for travel between September 15 – December 1.

Thanksgiving Travel

Wondering what the best time is to book? Here’s what we know from 2016:

  • The cheapest average fare was booked the week of February 23 and was $306, the week of March 24th saw the second cheapest average roundtrip fare at $433.
  • After March, prices ranged from $500-$750 and then started dropping back down into the mid-$400s the week of August 29th.
  • The weeks of October 31 and November 7 saw the cheapest pricing in the 31-60 days prior to departure (when 33% of bookings are made) with pricing in the low $400s at $438 and $442 roundtrip respectively.

Peak booking times:

For roundtrip Thanksgiving flights in 2016, bookings started to climb the week of August 22, and the peak was two weeks before Thanksgiving (the week of November 7, 2016). Seems like people had their minds on that Turkey dinner pretty early!

Average price:

$558 in 2016 (this includes departures between November 16-24, 2016 and both domestic and international travel).

Best time to fly:

  • Procrastinating never paid off like this before. Flying on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week can save a considerable amount on the ticket cost, as can flying home on Thanksgiving morning.
  • The majority of people in 2016 flew the day before Thanksgiving.
  • Prices for 2017 US domestic travel with a departure between November 16 -23 and a return between November 23 – 28, 2017 start at $81* roundtrip.
    • This nearly doubles (to $154 roundtrip) for passengers leaving the day before thanksgiving (November 22) and returning on Sunday, November 26.


Destinations booked:

With Asia prices so low right now, and domestic prices getting cheaper much closer to the departure window (within 10 days of travel), it is not unusual that the Thanksgiving bookings are largely international, and will see a shift to more domestic bookings in a few months.

The top destinations for 2017 are New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Mumbai, Madrid, Paris, San Francisco and Beijing.

In 2016, the top destinations for Thanksgiving travel were: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Orlando, London, Washington, Seattle and Miami.

For some of our top Thanksgiving destinations for 2017 roundtrip prices start at :

  • $98* for San Francisco
  • $109* for Chicago
  • $120* for New York
  • $126* for Boston
  • $156* for Los Angeles
  • $414* for Madrid
  • $459* to Paris
  • $462* for London
  • $569* for Mumbai
  • $445* for Beijing

 Winter Break Travel:

Best time to book:

From the week of October 31 to December 19, the average fare prices for Winter break are all below the average price of $971. Prices drop from the week of 10/31 to 12/12 from an average booking price of $941 to $748. Prices spike back up into the mid-$800s the week of 12/19.

Peak booking times:

The largest percentage of students are booking travel 31-60 days in advance, more than 4x further in advance than they did for August travel to campus, November 30 is the peak booking week.

While 68% of students search for roundtrip tickets for Winter break, bookings are almost evenly split between one-way and roundtrip – 48% one-way and 52% roundtrip (8% more booking roundtrip than August travel).

Average price:

The average price of a roundtrip flight booked for winter break travel was $971 (for roundtrip flights, both domestic and international, for departures between December 4-22).

Best time to fly:

The week of December 21 is the peak departure week,  but if you travel before the rush during the week of December 7 it will be a lot cheaper.

Prices for travel with a departure between December 4-22, 2017 and a return between January 5-19, 2018 start at $79* roundtrip for domestic travel. This increases 75% for passengers leaving between 12/22 and 12/25 and returning between 1/12 and 1/18.


Destinations booked:

Only 8% of flights departing between December 4-22, 2017 have been domestic to date. The top domestic locations booked to date are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and Phoenix.

The top destinationsbooked so far this year are largely international: Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, London, Bangalore, Seoul, Hyderabad and Guangzhou. Similar to Thanksgiving bookings, we see a shift to domestic bookings in the few months prior to the holiday travel period when domestic prices get much cheaper.

Current prices for some of our top booked destinations for Winter break travel thus far are:

  • $467* for Beijing
  • $442* for Shanghai
  • $652* for Mumbai
  • $465* for Delhi
  • $549* for Hong Kong
  • $424* for London
  • $885* Bangalore
  • $490* for Seoul
  • $897* for Hyderabad
  • $484* for Guangzhou

*All prices in this guide were current within 14 days of when this guide was published.

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