The nature of Hawaii is some of the country’s best and most beautiful. It can be seen almost anywhere you go on the island. There are many places that allow one to see everything up close and largely undisturbed.

With such an optimal climate in Hawaii, it’s no wonder that plant life can flourish here. And what would be a better way to take advantage of that than with a botanical garden? There are quite a few gardens on Oahu alone, with locations throughout the island. The Foster Botanical Garden, Koko Crater Botanical Garden, Ho’omaluhia Garden and Lili’uokalani Botanical Garden are just some of the gardens in Hawaii that are devoted to preserving all kinds of plants.

Hiking is another way to get a view of the various flora and fauna around the island. Considering that hiking is one of the most popular things to do while visiting Hawaii, there are multiple options. Hiking up Diamond Head, going through mountain trails, and even going through the rainforest, are where you will be able to see flowers, plants, and birds that are all native to Hawaii. Taking an Eco tour is yet another way to see Hawaii. Some will take you to various sites, including beaches, lookouts, and waterfalls, where you can see the beauty that Hawaii has to offer. Below is a picture from one of the many Oahu Circle Island Tours.


Scuba diving is also a way to experience the ocean of Hawaii. Going underwater allows you to see tropical fish, coral reefs, green sea turtle, and many species that can be found there. Haunama Bay, one of Hawaii’s most popular snorkeling and scuba diving spots, has many diverse species of reef fish, some of which are only found in Hawaiian waters. Who can say no to this view?


Hawaii has many natural formations, landmarks, and volcanoes, many of which can be seen at lookout spots. Very popular among tourists and locals, Halona Blowhole, also located near Hanauma Bay, can send water as high as 30 feet into the air when waves crash through the lava tubes. The Big Island is also home to Mt. Kilauea, one of Hawaii’s last active volcanoes, and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can learn and see many things, including many natural formations, and walk through a lava tube.

For the more adventurous type, going on a shark encounter, or swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, are some more ways to have an up close encounter with animals of Hawaii. Even simply going to the beach, taking a look around, or taking a small walk allows one to see the natural beauty of Hawaii, and just how well it has been preserved. Stopping to admire the natural beauty of Hawaii and all there is to see is definitely an opportunity, and is one that should not be missed by anyone visiting.


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