Rule of studying abroad #1: Don’t panic! You are not alone. The first feeling you’ll face is depression. It felt like my dog died or something. When it comes to living alone for the first time you’ll know what I mean. The only cure – start working. What else do you think you came here for? I’m joking. The best cure is “party time” – and if you are in Budapest, that’s the right place for it. Hungarians are crazy. They can party all night long and in the morning they go to WORK! There are night clubs all over Budapest. There are even some in abandoned factories.

Hungary is a beautiful and a very interesting country with a culture completely different from what we know in the United States. The city of Budapest, with its old district Buda and the new Pest, has a pulsating city atmosphere that was truly amazing. Because of its architecture the city was nicknamed as the “Paris of the East” and if you ever have a chance to visit don’t miss out bathing in one of the many natural thermal baths, some of which originate even from the Ottoman Empire. Do you know that they made the first subway station in the world? It’s their yellow line. Don’t forget to punch your ticket in that orange box on entrance; the fine is around 50 Euros.

If you meet a beautiful Hungarian girl and you want to go somewhere in the evening with her, don’t worry, usually they put subtitles to the movies at the cinema. After a cool movie evening, she probably will try to show you national Hungarian food.  Don’t even think that you can find a diet national Hungarian meal.

Trying to communicate is another challenge, but will help immerse you in the culture. Try out these common phrases:

  • “Yo eshtet kivanok” – “good morning”
  • “T-chus” – “bye”
  • “Kusie” – “Thanks”
  • “Bochanom” – “Sorry”

And That’s all you need to know! Trust me, Hungarian language is so difficult; only 20M people know it. All Hungarians knows English.

Written By: Alex Petryck – International student and citizen of the world. You can check his website here or write an Email.

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