I have been fortunate enough to experience Annapolis on more than one occasion. My lovely boyfriend of three years goes to the Naval Academy right on the bay—it definitely makes for some wonderfully romantic trips. But if you don’t have a love that lives in this quaint city, there are still plenty of fun things to do in Annapolis!

I love buying my plane tickets from StudentUniverse. I am fortunate enough to plan my trip several weeks in advance, so I use the “Fare Alerts” to let me know when prices have come down. Flying into Baltimore-Washington International airport tends to be the easiest. I almost never spend more than $250 on tickets; yes, for a student that’s a lifetime supply of Ramen, but seeing this boy is pretty important to me!

Never pay for a cab if you’re going any farther than DC; BWI has great, cheap shuttles that will take you to the surrounding cities. I tend to take Super Shuttle. I rarely have to wait more than 15 minutes on a van, and there is rarely more than one other person riding with me.

When Max—the boyfriend—was inducted into the Naval Academy, his family and I chanced upon a great b&b called Gibson’s Lodging. Now, Gibson’s is the best place to visit. It shares a wall with the academy, and is in the middle of downtown, saving me tons of money on cab fair. The owners are incredibly welcoming and accommodating, and their prices are really reasonable.

After Max and I grab snacks from Gibson’s, we usually want to walk around the yard. The campus is breath taking any time of year. Civilians can sign up for academy tours year round. I highly recommend it. It’s exciting to know how the academy works on a day-to-day basis, and it will occupy at least an hour.

McGarvey’s Saloon and Oyster bar is the best place to chow down; and it doesn’t hurt that it’s an easy three-minute walk from Gibson’s. During the day it’s a lively place and full of midshipmen. At night, it feels more like a cozy tavern/saloon, but it keeps the social feel. The oysters there are otherworldly. I also recommend the roast beef hash if you’re looking for something hearty.

For dessert, Max and I always head to the Annapolis Ice Cream Company. Even when I’m there in February, their ice cream is hard to resist. Maple walnut ice cream is delectable any time of year. The cinnamon isn’t too shabby either.

I’m lucky to have my very own midshipmen escort me around; he knows I get bored terribly easily, so he keeps me endlessly entertained with all these fun things to do: touring the chapel and the crypt, visiting the Paca House & Gardens, walking around St. John’s campus, and antiquing through Annapolis’ charming shops. Whatever the weather, Annapolis never fails to keep me happy.


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