International travel is on my list of things to do but when you’ve just graduated college, have student loan debt, and your entry level job isn’t exactly bringing in six-figures, your travel plans are put on hold for the moment. America has some really great places to stay that a broke recent college grad could enjoy and afford. One of my favorite places to go is Cape May, New Jersey.

488291_10150957675791780_569839268_nCape May is the most southern point of New Jersey on the peninsula. My parents bought a shore house located closer to the Delaware Bay, but within a five minute drive of the ocean. They bought the house eight years ago and have been in love with the area since they visited when they were kids. I was in my preteen years when we first bought the house, and of course, hated anything to do with hanging out with my parents.

Over time I came to appreciate the quieter area of the jersey shore, and have found that these ten things are an absolute must if you decide to venture to the cape.

  1. Stay at a B&B – Although I have not done this personally, I know a lot of people who have. Bed and Breakfasts tend to be cheaper than hotels, and much cuter!  The heart of Cape May has been deemed a historic district and each Victorian home has a story. I suggest Buttonwood Manor, John F. Craig House, or the Queen Victoria.
  2. Higbee Beach – This special spot on the Delaware Bay was once a nude beach, but not anymore (please wear your trunks). It’s the perfect spot to let your dog swim and there are very few beach goers there.
  3. Blue Moon Pizza – Not sure if everything tastes better at the shore, but this is some of the best pizza I have ever had. Their sauce to cheese ratio is perfect! There is a sweet taste to the sauce they use and they have endless toppings.
  4. 379227_10150790177761780_670190192_nWillow Creek Winery – Their Wild Cock sangria is to die for! Willow Creek is a new winery in Cape May, but they are quickly becoming popular. Their grounds are beautiful especially on a sunny summer day. This is a great place to do tastings and talk with locals, and tourists alike.
  5. Cape May Brewery – If you’re a beer lover this is a great place to sample locally brewed concoctions. Their business is quickly growing, and their beer is fantastic. They give tours of the brewery and provide great information on how beer is made. Tastings consist of four, four ounce glasses (If you’re a lightweight like me have a DD).

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