After the demise of the Khmer Empire in the 1400s and the fall of Angkor, Cambodia has not had great luck or prosperity. However, the beautiful and elaborate temples and palaces of years past have survived, much to the delight of travels around the world. Nature has slowly retaken sites like Angkor Wat, seamlessly blending the marvels of nature and humanity.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Submitted by Shuman Tang

Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Submitted by Shuman Tang

Make sure to check out:
Koh Ker. Once the capital of the Khmer Empire, Koh Ker has remained mostly intact amidst the dense Cambodian jungle. A central temple, Prasat Thom, stands almost 100 feet overlooking the rest of the city. Left alone to the forces of the jungle for almost a thousand years, Koh Ker was the most remote and inaccessible temples in Cambodia. Getting there is much easier now that a new highway has been built, but Koh Ker has not lost its mystical and enchanting lure.

Angkor. Another, and more famous, capital of the Khmer Empire, Angkor is located near the modern city of Siem Reap. Tucked between jungle and farmlands, this ancient city has over a thousand temples ranging in size from small ruins to beautifully preserved wonders like Angkor Wat. Make sure you at least check out Angkor Wat, as it is said to be the world’s largest religious monument despite being lost deep within the Cambodian countryside.


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