Remote, pristine and awe-inspiring, the landscape throughout Alaska is well worth a visit. From the sprawling Denali National Park to the beautiful southern coast spotted with islands, Alaska is the perfect place to get back to nature. The United State’s largest and least densely populated state, Alaska offers hundreds of spectacular sites to get your nature-fix.

Sawyer Glacier, Alaska | Submitted by Adam Dittmer

Sawyer Glacier, Alaska | Submitted by Adam Dittmer

Here are some must-see places to get you started:
Glacier Bay National Park is home to some of the most accessible marine wildernesses in Alaska. The park and preserve are located on the panhandle in the southeastern shore and a popular spot to see Alaska’s famous wildlife, like bears, mountain goats, and wolves. Visitors can also easily enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, rafting, bird-watching and many other activities in this idyllic landscape.

Seward, Alaska is located on the Kenai Peninsula and known as the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.” The town boasts a lively local history, but the surrounding wilderness is not to be missed. Take a quick trip up the bay for breathtaking views of the Alaskan fjords and tidewater glaciers!

Think there’s too much to see? Take a cruise instead! There are many companies offering cruises and tours of the varying Alaskan coast. Here are a few to check out: Un-Cruise Adventures, AdventureSmith Explorations and Royal Caribbean International.

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