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Working In Ireland Just Got Moher Exciting!

Does the idea of living and working in Ireland set you into an immediate daydream? We know the feeling. But it doesn’t have to be a dream. You can intensify your resume and your work experience with an unforgettable opportunity working abroad in Ireland this year. Not only will you gain work experience, but you get to travel abroad and check another destination off of your bucket list while earning an income and real life perspective by living in a new country.

Do you already have plans to study abroad in Ireland? You can combine the Work Abroad – Ireland program with a study abroad program and work part time. You can start the Work Abroad – Ireland program before you start your study abroad program, or stay on after for the summer. If you would like to work part time while studying, check with your study abroad advisor, as student visas may restrict your work to a maximum of 20 to 25 hours per week while studying.

Ireland conjures up images of pubs, rolling landscapes and more pubs, but in fact, Ireland is much more than that. Many household names like Google, Apple and Facebook have set up shop  in this beautiful land, and office jobs are plentiful.  If a desk job isn’t for you, there are many other hospitality and service jobs available as well.

Here is some more information to get you started.

Work Abroad Ireland Program Highlights:

Work Abroad Qualifications:

All you need to be eligible to participate in our Ireland work abroad program is be a US citizen, a full-time student or recent grad between the ages of 18-30 with a passport!

What’s included:

Our program is designed and built with you in mind. We offer a full orientation to help you adjust and get your accommodations in order. You have a team working with you to perfect your resume, find your dream job and build skills essential for you to succeed now and the rest of your life.

Ready to start planning your work abroad experience?  We imagine you still have a lot of questions (or maybe your parents have questions). You can find Work Abroad FAQs for the traveler and to answer any questions your parents have, we also have a Work Abroad FAQ for Parents.
Don’t postpone your future with feelings of cold feet! Check out program departure dates and details for Ireland Work Abroad Today and Apply now.