April in Amsterdam – a little windy, a little chilly, and a whole lot of fun.  This quaint little city is a great destination for a weekend getaway.  It’s big enough that you won’t run out of things to do, yet small enough to make you feel at home in just a few short days.  There are the must-sees such as The Anne Frank House and the Rembrandt and Van Gogh museums however, I would also highly suggest renting a bike and getting out of the city and into the beautiful Dutch countryside.


I have heard mixed things about renting bicycles in Amsterdam as a tourist (we chose not to because we were lucky enough to have friends show us the countryside in their car).  There are a lot of rules of the road that tourists are not aware of and this can lead to some stressful situations.  The city is definitely a walking city and unless you are planning on exploring outside of the city center I might suggest leaving the locals to do the cycling (especially at the weekend when the city center is at its busiest!).

Do get out of the city and explore the countryside!  Small coastal towns, such as Katwijk aan Zee, boast seaside entertainment, dining, and shopping – not to mention gorgeous views of the tulip fields and a taste of what small town living looks like in the Netherlands.

Do do a canal cruise!  It’s a great way to orient yourself and see the city from a different perspective!

Do visit the cheese shops!  This is self-explanatory.

Do visit the open-air markets and picnic along the canals!  Sweet and savory crepes make for a great lunch.

I wouldn’t normally suggest anyone visit a McDonald’s while visiting a new city for the first time but the Stroopwafel McFlurry really is something else.

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