Unlike most other student bloggers, I have never traveled outside the country.

A foreign trip for me is leaving NewNew York City England, something I have only done three times. This is partially due the costly expense required, but also due to severe food allergies that may be difficult for people to fully understand in another country, where English is not the main dialect. So unlike others traveling across Earth for spring break, I will be visiting my brother in Manhattan, a 4 hour ride on the Peter Pan bus line away.

Last summer was the first time I voyaged into the city, seeing Central Park and eating at various restaurants, one being Chipotle, where I ate my first ever burrito. It was as good as the critics said, and I am now a huge fan. Although it was not Costa Rica or Barcelona, in my case it was relatively at the same level, and I am excited to return. Any trip is worth it if you take something out of it, and gain new insights. For me, I Chipotle Burritotraveled alone for the first time, walked through the city, had my first chipotle burrito, and finally got to eat out at restaurants I had only heard about.

My trip was was well worth it, and although I do not plan on leaving the country any time soon, I do have plans to go to Florida for the first time since 7th grade next year at some point and am excited for it! I am frugal and am always trying to save money and will be using StudentUniverse when the time comes to book the flight to Florida. I advise you do the same!


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