It’s the most wonderful time of year! Time for tricks and treats, but most importantly time for tales of epic proportion. Nothing is better than recounting a riveting story of how you survived a haunting or witnessed something supernatural. Better yet, telling your friends how you visited the real Sanderson Sisters’ house or visited the halls of Dracula’s Castle. I have a love affair with all things creepy, ghoulish, or frightening so I’ve put together a list of the scariest Halloween attractions to tempt your taste buds with bone chilling adventures. Your thirteen nights of Halloween just got a little more exciting.



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Unfortunately you can not stay at the American Horror Story’s Horror Hotel, Hotel Cortez. But you can read all about the gruesome past of the Cecil Hotel and visit some of the other haunted habitations on this list.

Malmaison Oxford Castle, Oxfordshire, England

Just a short jump over the pond is Malmaison Oxford Castle, one of the most haunted places in Britain. It is said that the place is cursed. It was a prison for most of it’s exhistance up until 1996, and now it is half lovely hotel and half haunted attraction. They have tours through the historic castle. Visit when they are having the Halloween Ghostfest for a real scream.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

The hotel that inspired The Shining. One night was all it took to inspire one of  Stephen King’s greatest novels.

Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

Faster than the Titanic and above water! This ship has claimed many lives and is a seasoned WWII veteran. You can stay or tour the haunted corridors. Just watch out for Door 13 if you don’t want to be cut in two!


Paris, France


Paris has miles of underground tunnels lined with skeletons known as The Catacombs. Over 6 million human remains were moved there in the 18th and 19th centuries as cemeteries posed a threat to public health. It has been the set for numerous horror films, most recently “As Above, So Below.” You will literally walk among the dead.


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Doll Museum:  Musee de la Poupee

Definitely 10 out of 10 on the creepy scale. This museum displays hundreds of antique dolls and toys. Most of the dolls have human hair.


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Transylvania, Romania


Bran Castle (More Widely Known as Dracula’s Castle)

Baciu Forest

It is known locally as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. Strange happenings have been happening here for numerous years. If you’re looking for a real “forbidden forest” this is it. It’s got your basics: UFO sightings, ghosts, a mysterious circle of land where nothing grows, etc.

United States

Salem, Massachusetts

Witches, ghosts, history… And enough haunted houses to last you a lifetime.

Sanderson Sisters’ House


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Don’t light the black flame candle!

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

There are many terrible tails linked to this Penitentiary, but my favorite part of visiting is being greeted by the ghost cats.

The Survival Guide

The Atlas Obscura is a great place to find anything and everything obscure and/or spooky in the World. Take a horrifying holiday without a frightening price tag.If this list wasn’t spooky enough, check out last year’s list of top five places to spend Halloween. And remember, if you find yourself in a horror film like scenario, never say “I’ll be right back.” It won’t end well. Happy Haunting!


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