Still looking for summer travel plans? Head on over abroad for a summer in Europe! It seems that everyone wants to experience living abroad for a while, so why not go for the summer? Get some friends, your family, or if you’re brave enough, take on the adventure solo! I’ve compiled a list of my 8 favorite places in London. So if you decide to experience the city for yourself, I would recommend paying some or all of these places a visit; they certainly made my experience unforgettable.

Buckingham Palace, London

  1. Buckingham Palace: Go see where royalty lives and take pictures of the wonderful scenery! If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to see the Changing of the Guard.

  2. London Eye: See all of London from the very top! The scenery from up above will make your stomach twist with excitement. Feeling adventurous? Go at night and see London lit up by the city lights.

  3. The British Museum: Best part about it: it’s free. The British Museum has collections from over two million years ago. From the Rosetta Stone, to Egyptian mummies and Parthenon Sculptures, there is culture everywhere you turn.

  4. West End: Why not catch a musical while you’re in a different place? For music fans like myself, London’s West End has some of the best producing award winning plays and musicals. From comedies to tragedy and musicals, there is a show for everyone. Almost every show runs a lottery contest, in which one special person can win front row tickets!

  5. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater: Go see where Shakespeare began his time as a writer! Located in the banks of the Thames River, The Globe is a full dedication to Shakespeare and his plays. See an exhibition to see how Shakespeare put his plays on, how he lived, and how plays were performed back then. Everything is outdoors, so you get to experience how it felt to watch a play way back when.Big Ben, London

  6. The Tower Of London: Make sure you visit the famous royal prison, Traitors Gate. This was the entrance where traitors were sent for execution. You can also see the Queen’s Jewel House, where the Queen’s Guards look after the famous Crown Jewels.

  7. Westminster Abbey: The most famous Gothic church behind the Houses of Parliaments. Check out the beautiful site where the Royal Wedding of William and Kate took

    place. Over a dozen royal weddings have taken place at the church. Queens, Kings, aristocrats, poets, priests, and famous authors like Charles Dickens all make up an important part of Westminster Abbey.

  8. Big Ben: Visit the famous Big Ben clock tower. Take pictures in front of one of the most iconic monuments in the world! (Fun Fact: Big Ben chimes ever 15 minutes, which can be heard from up to 5 miles away!)

    Still want to see more? Don’t let these 8 places be your only stops. London is just one city and Europe is a big place. Go check out Student Universe for some awesome Europe trips, all planned out and ready to go for you! Gather your friends, spread the word, and get ready for adventure!


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