Even though it rained the entire time we were there (end of February), I still highly recommend a trip to the north of Spain! The greenery, mountains, and sea were a welcome change after a winter spent in Madrid.  With a 6 hour nighttime bus ride behind us we were able to spend almost three full days exploring Oviedo and Gijón.


Oviedo is about a half hour bus ride from Gijón (buses run regularly between the two cities and a roundtrip costs about €5), and our day there was spent frequenting the local sidrerías (cider houses) and sampling some of the best calamari that I’ve had in a long time.  There is a ritual to drinking the local cider so watch and learn – and let your bartender pour your drinks!

The Cathedral of San Salvador located at the center of Oviedo is an impressive example of Gothic architecture and is worth a (free) visit.  We also spent a few hours wandering through the galleries in the Museum of Fine Arts, which houses a great collection of works by local artists.



We stayed in Gijón for the weekend (Hotel Costa Verde – €30/night for a room with double beds) and experienced every foodie’s dream holiday.  I’d heard that the majority of the rest of Spain is cheaper than Madrid but didn’t fully believe it until I had experienced it firsthand. We left most sidrerías after consuming between 6 and 8 bottles of cider (between eight of us) having spent about €2.50.  Breakfasts were the same – coffee for five and a good assortment of sizable raciones for about the same price.

El Globo

At El Globo we had an amazing cheese plate complete with honey and Cabrales, a local blue cheese.  Here I also had my first taste of sea urchin that wasn’t wrapped in nori.

El Feudo 

At El Feudo we chose to get the menu of the day (€11) – good quality and a great value. Here we sampled Fabada an Asturian stew made with beans and different types of sausages.  It’s the perfect comfort food after a long walk along the cities coastline in the rain.

Check out StudentUniverse for more budget tips on traveling around Spain and for more great travel guides on the land of sol y sonrisas.

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Mark · December 24, 2016 at 6:09 pm

some Questions for you! Did you do any hiking while you were there, if so where and how did you get there?
Did you travel there by planes, how easy was it to get to the cities from the airport?
is english spoken?

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