Statue of LibertyStudying in the US? You’re probably having a great time, but did you know that April 15th is coming up? Well it is. Why should you care? Well, April 15th isn’t just any old day in the US – it’s Tax Day, and as an international student or scholar, you must file a tax return by this day.

As an international student or scholar in the US, you must file Form 8843 at least, but depending on your circumstances, you may also need to file a Federal tax return by filing a 1040NR or 1040NR EZ form by April 15th. On top of that, you might need to file a State Tax return, maybe even more than one if you’ve been in a couple of different states during your time in the US. Add in your FICA return on top of that and things start to sound pretty confusing pretty quick.

The fact is, there are thousands of IRS forms, and thousands of reasons why you might have to fill some of them out, so yes, things can get confusing. But another fact is that filling a US tax return is the law. Not filing a tax return could get you into a whole heap of trouble, leaving you with hefty tax fines and penalties, on top of possible problems getting US visas in the future. So, you have to file, but if you don’t know how – no worries, Sprintax can help.

Sprintax is an expert tax filing preparation company who specialize in helping international students and scholars studying in the US with their tax affairs, usually getting them an average tax refund of $1000 in the process. They file over 120,000 tax forms for non – residents every year, know the US tax code off by heart and will make sure you’re one hundred percent compliant with the IRS. They’ll tell you exactly what forms you need to file and help you file them, giving you your own personal online account where you can check the progress of your tax return any time you like. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Every tax office in the world is set up to accept applications directly, but the fact is that when you apply with a company like Sprintax, you get so much more than you would if you apply directly. With Sprintax you get regular updates, online help via live chat, you can email them any time you like – you don’t get that when you apply directly. With so little time left until the US tax return filing deadline – aka Tax Day – on April 15th, isn’t it better to just leave it to the tax pros at Sprintax?

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