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How to Spend a Day in Malmo, Sweden

You may have read our blog post last week on “How to See Copenhagen in 48 Hours,” so if you are planning to visit Copenhagen, or if you are studying abroad there, you should definitely do a day trip (or even a weekend trip) to Malmo, Sweden. It is an easy 30-45 minute train ride from Copenhagen. The train dives underwater for a quick bit and you land in another beautiful, European city.  Malmo is home to great shopping, beautiful theater and more romantic parks. Oh, did I mention that H&M is founded in Sweden, so you get affordable first hand fashion, plus the sales taxes are cheaper than Denmark as well.

Here are some things you can do while in Malmo.

  1. Go Out to a Lovely Dinner

Recommended to me by a local, any of the restaurants around Möllevångstorget will give you a dinner experience to remember. “Söder om småland” is one of his favorites and mine too! They serve local food in a contemporary way and that’s not only beautiful but also just as delicious. Local foods of Sweden include: meatballs, potatoes, fish and more. Really the options there are not limited.

  1. Catch an Opera

Just 5 minutes walking distance from the Triangeln station in Malmo. The architecture for the building is beautiful and a must-seeand the performances are top quality as well.

  1. Nightlife and Shawarma

Etage is the club you want to go to in Malmo, it’s located close to the central station and is four floors of all night fun. Be sure to go early and plan to stay the whole night. The club does have a cover fee and a coat check but it’s affordable and a great place to meet other travelers as well. Once bar close is done, get some of the best shawarma you’ll ever eat right in the center of the town. If you don’t know what shawarma is, you’re going to want to try it now. It’s a mixture of delicious meats wrapped up and prepared for you neatly to take home.

  1. See the City From Above

The city really is a beautiful area surrounded by water with neat buildings and the brick roads give such a nice European feel. The city is very clean and well put together. The new concert venue “Malmo live” is next to the central station, it has a nice sky bar with a good view of the turning torso and the bride to Copenhagen.

If you wanted to spend a bit longer in Sweden, and make Malmo one of your stops, check out our suggestions for the 6 Things to Do In Sweden, and don’t forget to check out our Intra-Europe flights if you are already abroad, or a flight to Europe.