Climate Change is becoming a more and more recognized phenomenon as we see its effects all over the planet. Soon enough, we will loose some of the most amazing sites on Earth! Before you miss them, be sure to check out these extraordinary places!

The Great Barrier Reef – Rising air temperatures will cause sea temperatures to rise as well. All life supported by the oceans will be affected with this shock to their ecosystem. Coral are some of the most vulnerable marine animals and we are already watching whole reefs disappear. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is no exception and will continue to shrink as the temperatures rise! These reefs are some of the best in the world for scuba diving, but they will soon disappear! Get there before its gone!

Venice, Italy – Sprawling across hundreds of small islands in Northeast Italy, Venice is at extreme risk of sinking into the Adriatic Sea. Rising sea levels are in fact a serious threat to many coastal cities located at sea level. Lucky for us however, Venice is developing a series of sea walls that will help protect the city in times of high tide. Unfortunately, Venice isn’t the only place that is slowly sinking. Sooner or later islands like the Maldives and other cities like New York will be slipping into the ocean! Get there before its gone!

Bangladesh – Along with rising sea levels, climate change is also causing an increase in large storms and weather activity. Coastal towns low and high will take the brunt of the impact. Those societies close to low river basins, like Bangladesh, will be especially vulnerable to flooding. Bangladesh has a vibrant culture that will be sorely missed if something isn’t done! Get there before its gone!

Glacier National Park – Glacier National Park was once covered by over 150 glaciers, but by 2005 it only had about 27! Located in Montana, this park is over a million acres and has a huge plant and wildlife population. As temperatures rise, the glaciers and ice melt, which will upset the ecosystems sustaining over a thousand plant species and hundreds of animals. Similar collapses are being seen in the Alps in Europe, Patagonia, Chile, and parts of Alaska! Within our lifetime this pristine wilderness right in our back yards will be lost forever! Get there before its gone!

The Amazon – The cause behind the disappearance of these fantastic places ultimately comes down to humans. Whether we meant to or not, our expansion and development across the planet has affected our delicately balanced home. Expansion usually requires cutting down forests for land, fuel and materials, but rarely considers the consequences. Forests in Madagascar, Indonesia, the Congo Basin and the Amazon among others are all quickly shrinking. These forests are sources of food and medicine for just about everyone on the planet! What will happen if we loose these valuable places and beautiful destinations?!