Bali is an island in Indonesia that honestly doesn’t even need an introduction. Bali’s beauty and charm is hard to put into words. One of the best things about the island is that every traveler falls in love with the island for a completely different reason. Surfers, hikers, sun worshipers, foodies, artists & yogis will all feel at home in this little slice of paradise. There are too many reasons why it should be on the top of your bucket list, but here’s just a few.

The Beaches

First and foremost, Bali has gnarly surfing AND gnarly beach clubs. Whether your ideal day on the beach involves a lounge chair and a cocktail or crushing some massive waves, Bali can provide either. This isn’t the kind of island known for its quiet, white-sand beaches which is all the more reason for students to visit. Potato Head Beach Club is one of the most popular beach clubs in the world. It offers day beds, lounge chairs, a swim-up bar, and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean with good food and drinks to keep you there the entire day. Plus they also have entertainment and events, as do other beach clubs. Check out beach towns like Seminyak and Canggu or hit the waves in Uluwatu.

Proximity to other islands 

Depending on where in the world you live, Bali could be quite the trek to get to, so it makes sense to want to see other nearby destinations. If this island alone isn’t enough to convince you to make the trip, check out some neighboring islands. They’ll offer unique vibes and attractions that’ll persuade you for sure. Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembogon are 2 islands that are a short, 40-minute ferry ride from Bali. They’re an easy day trip to see more breathtaking views. From there, you can also see some of Bali’s massive volcanoes from afar. The Gili islands are also a short ferry ride away. They’re a great place to spend a few days scuba diving and enjoying the nightlife.

The Jungle 

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If the beach isn’t your vibe or if you just want to mix things up, Bali has lush jungles to explore offering exhilarating activities. Swing from giant swings over rice terraces for the perfect ‘gram. Feel like chasing waterfalls is overrated? Go canyoning in them instead for a major adrenaline rush. If you’re willing to wake up at 2am, you can even hike the giant volcano, Mt. Batur, at sunrise. 

You will never run out of activities to do in the jungle but you will most certainly find plenty of adventure!

The Food

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You’ll likely work up an appetite from all your jungle hikes or from simply soaking up the sun. Cafes in Bali are unique in their colorful decor and themes. While many of them are tailored to draw in the classic Instagrammer looking for a trendy pic, the food and drinks at these cafes will not disappoint. Sea Circus in Seminyak is decorated like a circus and has the most instagrammable murals and details. If you find yourself there, try one of their “thickshakes.” This is one of the best milkshakes we’ve ever had. Neon Palms, conveniently located next to Sea Circus, also has unbelievable Australian style brekkie and is covered in tropical palm tree murals. It doesn’t stop at breakfast, either. Restaurants for lunch and dinner are not only reasonably priced, but Bali masters every type of cuisine from Asian fusion to Mexican. 

The Culture 

The Hindu-Buddhist Balinese culture is fascinating to learn about. The island has very beautiful temples on land, in the water and even deep inside caves. Another way to learn about the culture is through one of the traditional Balinese shows. These shows illustrate Balinese people’s artistic ability through song and dance. The dances are entertaining but they also serve as a closer look into what gives Balinese culture a flare. 

It’s simple: Bali is hands-down a bucket list trip. We even make it easy for you to score major discounts on your flights there. Check out our cheap flights to Bali and start building that Bali itinerary, paradise is waiting.