It’s that time of the year, college students’ favorite time: Spring Break. Let’s face it, we all look Beach, Spring Breakforward to it whether it’s to have fun with friends, relax from school work, or we just need some time off from our hectic life. What’s the hot spot this year? Cancun? Miami? Panama? You pick, it’s your holiday! Yet there is always that thing holding you back, which is the hotel. Here are a few tips to help you pick out the best hotels.

  1. Organization

You don’t want a cramped up room full of people that allow you no rest. Don’t get too crazy; we all need our beauty sleep, even if it’s Spring Break. Make sure you can all fit comfortably in the room with your own bed.

  1. Taste

You don’t want to stay somewhere that you’re not comfortable. Is the hotel student friendly? Do you get that extra time on the beach? What about family oriented?  Does it have good reviews on the website? All of these are important to keep in mind.  Let’s not forget about Wifi; your hotel should be able to give you free Wifi for you and other guests.

  1. Special offers

Now a days, you get websites like StudentUniverse that give you hotel offers. “Stay three nights, get one free.” They can also offer you tours in which a guide can take you around town and show you the landscapes. Hotels also have many meal packages, two meals a day, sometimes even three, which saves you and your friends from eating out and wasting money rather than spending it on what you want.

  1. Book Early

Once you’ve found the hotel you want, make sure you book it early. It’s Spring Break, everyone is in search for a place to stay just like you, so make sure you plan ahead of time. Some hotels even let you pay a deposit months before to confirm your stay. Make you sure get your conformation number, or email to let them know you are definitely going.

  1. Have fun

Take some “you time”. Yes, it’s a time to have fun with your friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun by yourself. Take a stroll on the beach, go for a walk in the park. It’s a time where you can relax and take some time off.

Spring Break is coming quickly and you definitely want to take full advantage of it. With these five tips, you can stop worrying about your hotel and start having fun and relaxing!


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