For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, StudentUniverse will be offering lots of deals above and beyond our normal flight discounts. Have you been looking to book a relaxing weekend getaway, your 2018 bucket list adventure, your study abroad flight, or spring break trip? These two days of sales are the perfect time to do just that.

Best part? You can watch everyone else wait in lines and look for parking spaces on tv while you book the adventure of a lifetime from the comfort of your own home.

This year we have an exciting Black Friday (November 24) and Cyber Monday (November 27) lineup! Between the two days, we will be offering 16 discounts on top of the already discounted fares for students and youth sold on our site. The flight discounts will be for up to an additional $200 off. The deals will apply to both roundtrip and one-way flights, and there will be discounts for both domestic (within the US) and international (both international destinations to the US and from the US to international destinations) flight routes. While some of the deals will be carrier-specific, others will apply to all the carriers on our site.

Redemptions will be limited for each code offered (meaning some may not run the full 8am – 12am ET promotion period), so sign up now to get first dibs on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as soon as they launch!



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