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Let’s get real-money buys happiness.

Okay so couponing isn’t exactly glam or sexy, but being smart is. When we hear ‘coupons’ or ‘discounts’ we have a tendency to think of our deal hunting grandmas or the miscellaneous leftovers in a bargain bin. Not that cute.

Well, forget all of that and think more of this:

So here is the good news; someone is finally making it easier for college students on a budget. (Bad news, we’re still on a budget.) But StudentUniverse is known for its travel deals, and just a click away are all the “coupons” you need without the clipping. 

We’re talking about flights, hotels, rail, tours, activities and more. So what are you waiting for? If you don’t already have a StudentUniverse account, which I’m kind of judging you for, then get on it.

 We are in college. We are supposed to do really fun things. How are we supposed to do that without funds?


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