Black Friday and Cyber Monday might still feel far away to you, but they are quite literally DAYS AWAY. Now there’s no need to panic though. We’ve got you covered on just how to make the most of the epic travel deals coming your way. Deals are kind of our speciality after all, nbd 💁‍♀️.

Black Friday Student Travel Deals

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Generally, you can save up to 30% off of regular airfare with our students and young adult discounts. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday the deals will be even better! All our members (not just students!) will be able to score sick savings with promo codes on flights and discounts on hotels too! This year, we’ll have promo codes up to $200 off through our website and in our app – and that’s on top of our regularly discounted airfare! There’s really no better time to snag a great deal.

Whether you need a one-way flight home for the holidays, are thinking ahead to spring break or summer vacay, or just want to take a long weekend getaway this winter, we’ve got what you need. Short weekend getaway to Las Vegas? Check! Epic dream trip to Rome or Thailand? Yup, check there too!

We can’t give away too much about our exact deals yet—for that you’ll just have to come back and see. What we can do is give you our best tips about how to find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight and hotel deals, that way you’ll be all set to go when the sales launch!

1. Mark your Calendar!

Black Friday is on November 25 this year and Cyber Monday is on November 28. Each year our best deals of the day sell out FAST, so be ready to get up if you want to score big with our deals before they’re gone.

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2. Sign up for early access

Our early access list is the best way to ensure you don’t sleep through the best deals of the day. We will be sending promo codes to everyone who signed up for early access 8 hours before everyone else gets to see them. This gives you the time to shop for the destinations you want at the best fares before the promo codes run out.

3. Become a Member (it’s free!)

Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals are for members only. You don’t have to be a student to be a member either! Make sure you’ve made your account ahead of time so you can book those flights and hotels on Black Friday and Cyber Monday without having to worry about that too. (FYI: signing up for emails doesn’t make you a member—you can lean more about a free membership here.) Signing up is totally free and only takes a minute. AND, if you are a student, verify your student status so that you’ll be seeing all the exclusive student-only discounts and you can get the lowest price possible.

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3.5. Download our app too

Our sales are going to be big all weekend long on our site and our app. However, if you want to score on our biggest sales, you’re going to want to download our app now and turn on those push notifications. The biggest savings on Black Friday will be available exclusively in the app. And having your push notifications on will help us remind you to get the sales before they’re gone!

4. Plan your destination goals

If you don’t already have your vacation #goals planned out for the next 5 years, now’s a great time to get planning! This way on Black Friday and Cyber Monday you’ll know exactly where you want to book that flight from and book that hotel room in. Since the best ticket deals will be selling out fast, it’s important to have in mind what you want already to avoid indecision in the moment.

If you’re a bit more spontaneous and go-with-the-flow, you can always keep an eye on our Instagram the day of and just grab the best deal you see!

5. Know when to be looking

We’ll have travel deals for domestic and international flights, and for hotels on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and just want to score a great deal, you’ll find great options either day. On Black Friday you can expect some lit deals from United Airlines, both domestic and international, as well as some of their partner airlines (like Lufthansa, Air Canada, Brussels Airlines, and Austrian Airlines). If you don’t find everything you’re dreaming of then, Cyber Monday will help you score deals on flights from a huge variety of airlines! We’ll have deals on Monday for both domestic and international flights, but especially on those long-haul, international flights so that’s the day to shop for those. As far as hotels go, you can expect to find great deals on top of our usual discounted prices throughout both days.

6. The earlier you book, the better the deals!

Discounts will be higher in the morning and then may go down throughout the day as the lowest fares sell out. As a result, the earlier, the better! Our deals usually launch around 8am EST, so set your alarms. Better yet, get on our early access list and we’ll notify you even earlier for some exclusive early access shopping time.

7. Stay in the loop!

Joining our email list is the best way to be informed all month long about the latest updates on our biggest sales event of the year. You can also keep informed on social media, following us on Tiktok and Instagram. On Instagram, we’ll have real-time updates throughout both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This will be your best way to stay updated on things like promo codes, deal alerts, super-low fares and last-chance offers. Oh, and one more way to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream sales pricing? Turn on your push notifications for our app! That way we can loop you in on the deals that will matter most to you.

In the meantime…

While you wait for the deals to come, be sure to enter to win our 4 Weeks of Giveaways leading up to Black Friday on Instagram! You might just win a sick hotel getaway or some free $$$ for your next trip!


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