Planning for Summer

After a tough semester and a grueling few weeks of final exams, term papers and GPA stress, we students have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel: summer vacation. Of course it’s important to get your R&R as you’re trading your textbooks and study sessions for flip flops and beach days, but summer is a great time to get ahead with big plans for your future! Here are four reasons to start planning your most exciting and important summer now. (more…)

The Best Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

It’s that time of the year again as Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner! And the best way to celebrate the extended weekend is by traveling with the family. It’s an opportune time to look into student discount airfare so that you find the cheapest flights amongst the many holiday packages available. And while you might not be willing to travel across country for a mini vacation, there are plenty of spots across the country worth visiting. (more…)

Top Songs for a Travel Playlist


It’s summer! What is more perfect than the windows rolled down, hair everywhere, and music trailing behind you? Or maybe you’re on a plane headed home or to backpack around Europe. Music plays a huge part in our lives, and the perfect song, or set of songs, can make your whole day better. I’ve always found that upbeat and energetic music seems to accompany my travels, but it is up to you to determine the songs and style of your travel playlist. (more…)

How to Pack When Returning From Abroad

You have just spent the semester or year in a foreign country where you mastered the language, immersed yourself in the local culture, saw some pretty amazing sights, and gained a whole new perspective about yourself and the world. Kudos to you for completing your study abroad experience! Now that your exchange is coming to an end, you are due to fly back home shortly. You look at your closet and the various souvenirs and objects you’ve collected since you arrived overseas. You’re thinking how the heck am I going to fit all this into my luggage? (more…)

Avoiding Campus Fever: Off-Campus Entertainment

College life is great at first. Tons of new people, a bunch of school-sponsored events for entertainment, and not-too-shabby eats in the dining hall (for glorified cafeteria food, that is). Life is good once move-in is over.

Then a few weeks go by.

Not only is there class to deal with, but the dining hall food is all starting to taste alike, there are fewer campus events to go to, and while the people may still be interesting, everyone’s getting a little tired of the same old thing. So now what? (more…)

Summer Activities Under 21-Boston

Last summer I was stuck living in Boston under the ripe old age of 21.  In order to preoccupy myself when I wasn’t working, I tried to come up with as many different “under 21” things to do as possible.  Eventually the classics (Red Sox game, the Prudential, Museum of Science, walking through the Commons) either became too repetitive or too pricey. So I did some investigating and found a list of things to do that involve minimal money and a unique experience! (more…)