Summer Activities Under 21-Boston

Last summer I was stuck living in Boston under the ripe old age of 21.  In order to preoccupy myself when I wasn’t working, I tried to come up with as many different “under 21” things to do as possible.  Eventually the classics (Red Sox game, the Prudential, Museum of Science, walking through the Commons) either became too repetitive or too pricey. So I did some investigating and found a list of things to do that involve minimal money and a unique experience! Read More

Reverse Culture Shock

Culture shock is a topic I’m sure most study abroad advisers touched upon before the departure for the trip. But, what about the return home? Wait, we have to go through the whole culture shock thing…again? And, this time it’s in our own stomping grounds?

I’m not saying it happens to everyone, but my study abroad advisers warned us that the “reverse culture shock” when coming back home could be worse than the initial culture shock entering the foreign country. Read More

7 Things to Know Before You Study Abroad

Have you made the decision to study abroad or are you thinking about it? Studying abroad can be one of the most amazing experiences any student can have. Not only are you attending a different school, but you are going to get immersed in an entirely different culture than what you are used to.  You make new friends from all over the world, and gain a great deal of knowledge about international politics, food, and daily life. Read More

How to Travel on a Cargo Ship

Riding on a cargo ship is a great way to carry all your luggage, and a completely unique experience from all other modes of travel. It’s a great alternative to flying, as I know many people who refuse to get in an airplane. Read More

Fun Things to do in NYC

Like most college students, I love visiting New York City. No matter how many times I go there, there is always a new place to go, a new restaurant to try, a new show to see, and a new experience to have. Here is a list of some of my favorite things to do in New York City. Read More

What to Pack Before You Study Abroad

You’ve made it through all the applications, bought your tickets, and found out where you will be living and what you will be doing during your study abroad. But, what to bring?

Odds are your study abroad advisor told you to pack light, and they are absolutely right. You will be thanking them when you realize you’re sharing a room with two others in a tiny flat. At least, that was my experience during my semester in London.

So, here is a list of items that I used regularly while away that goes beyond the basics, which you may not have considered. Read More

5 Alternative Spring Breaks

It’s the middle of winter and you are already dreaming of warm beaches and palm trees. Not to mention that you really want to show off that new bathing suit that you got for Christmas. But while the majority of students are heading off to Panama City Beach or Cancun, why not take the road less traveled and go on an alternative spring break. Spring break destinations are only as limited as you choose to allow your mind to wander. There is no end to great places you can go, and wonderful things you can do. Why not volunteer somewhere exotic, like Islandmorada, FL, or take a kayaking adventure? Read More

Broadway on Budget

When visiting NYC, seeing a Broadway show is a must. Drinks, dinner, and a show; it’s all part of the Big Apple experience! But with ticket prices averaging $140 (for the cheapest seats in the house), it’s not the easiest thing for a college student to afford.  Lucky for you, we have some tips on how to score tickets at a reasonable price. Read More