Tips for Students Living Abroad on Their Own

8-2-2013 3-45-04 PMToday, when almost every part of the world has come under the same blanket of globalization, it’s very often for students to go study abroad to enrich their experiences while attaining higher education. For some students just the fact that they are transferring to university may be too difficult and stressful, let alone if you are doing this in a foreign country, and by yourself. But it doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. Living on your own someplace new can also be fun, and interesting; you’ll learn so many great things and feel good about yourself cause you’ve made it. Here are few tips to help you organize in the first few months: Read More

Rules for a German Sauna


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As Americans, when we hear the word “sauna” we generally think of those small, wooden rooms attached to the locker room of our local gym, with barely enough space to fit three of your closest friends, and where a swimsuit and a towel are required.  I don’t know about anyone else, but saunas in the States generally cultivate feelings of claustrophobia and are reminiscent of fish markets and fraternity bathrooms.  I tend to avoid them at all costs. Read More

Not Sure You Want to Study Abroad? (Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should!)

Spain - Madrid TouristPicking up your life for an extended stay abroad can be scary and, at times, traveling can feel extremely lonely. Once you fight your way through the bouts of homesickness and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) of friends’ shenanigans at home, studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Whether it’s a master’s program in London or a summer class in Buenos Aires, here are five reasons why you should definitely take the leap to study abroad: Read More

What To Do When Pre-departure Panic Sets In

iStock_000000656811SmallSo you’re about to depart on a grand adventure – whether it’s studying abroad, working abroad, backpacking through Europe, moving to the far-off land in which you’ve always dreamed of living – and as the countdown shrivels away, your panic grows at a frighteningly rapid pace. You have been planning this trip for months, maybe even years, and the anticipation has brought nothing but sheer excitement. But now that your departure date is visible on the calendar and the reality is setting in, all you can think about is what creative ways you can come up with to get out of the trip altogether. How will you pack for months or years abroad in the humorously limited baggage allowance offered by your airline? How will you function in a culture that doesn’t speak your language? How will you survive without mommy and daddy and all of your childhood best friends by your side? And for God’s sake, what will you do without the Super Bowl, country music, and Thanksgiving!? Read More

The Staycation: Low on Cost, High on Fun

IMG_0780There’s nothing quite like the feeling of traveling abroad, but what about those days when your bank balance won’t permit a lengthy journey? The answer may lie in a “staycation”, a ridiculous word with a great concept. By budgeting correctly and making smart financial decisions, you too can embark on a staycation and have a fantastic travel experience in your own hometown for a negligible amount of money.
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The Benefits of Being a Student in Germany


No tuition fees

Germany is famous for granting the students, native and foreign the right to free undergraduate education. However, as an exchange student, especially if you come from one of the developed countries in EU, there is an application process.  Once the university has selected you, you must pay the mandatory fees each semester.  Fees include: Enrollment/Confirmation fee, Semester Contribution fee, and Administrative fees. Read More

5 things you need to know for your time abroad

Live like a local

The best way to really get to know the area you’re studying in is to fully immerse yourself in the culture. The quicker you adapt to your surroundings, the more you’ll enjoy and learn about yourself. Try the local food, learn the language, get lost. Time will fly by quickly so make the most of every moment you can! Read More

The Price of a Good Resume

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Higher education has come a long way – and so have the costs. At 18 million college students in the US, we’re past the days when the typical student is the first in their family to attend college. Every year tens of thousands of students are graduating college with upwards of $100,000 in debt. The college degree has become more and more expensive, but is it enough? The competition for jobs that will allow those students to pay back that debt is fierce. Students are no longer competing for jobs with their classmates or students from around their country. They are competing with students from around the world. The standards have been elevated. Read More