Money Saving Strategies 101, Part II

As a new college student, whether national or international, you know that textbooks, food and other daily expenses can add up quickly. Now that you’re on your own, you may find yourself responsible for managing how and when you spend your money. It is important to limit your spending, but you do not want to sacrifice your social life either. How is it possible to have both? (more…)

Money Saving Strategies 101

While your college years may represent some of the best ones of your life, they do not have to be the most expensive ones. Anything from tuition fees, textbooks, housing, food and entertainment can add up quickly. The following tips and easy steps should help all college students save money by cutting back on expenses, without becoming overwhelmed with rules, limitations and details. (more…)

A Guide on How to Manage Money in College

Budgeting and living within one’s means can be a difficult task for anyone. However, it can be particularly challenging for college students, who typically have limited funds and unfamiliar expenses such as rent and tuition. Despite such challenges, it’s best to begin managing your money while you’re still in college and to form good spending and student savings that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

In theory, how to manage money in college is simple: Don’t spend more than you earn. Note your total income by semester, month or week. Then add up all your expenses for the same time period. Make sure your expenses are less than your income; if they’re not, find a way to cut expenses or boost your income.

Gift Giving on a Budget

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up, but you just spent the last of the money in your bank account on textbooks for your English class. Christmas approaches (along with finals), but you haven’t even started your shopping, and you don’t know how you’ll pay for gifts for your family and friends. Scenarios like these are all too common for the busy college student with limited funds, but presents don’t have to be an ordeal. Here are some helpful hints. (more…)

Textbook Shopping Made Easy

Starting a new semester can be a hectic time of adjustment. You’re scrambling to rearrange your schedule, prepare for classes, move in and unpack, and reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in months. So why not lighten your beginning-of-the-semester load and take care of one of your biggest priorities over the break? (more…)

Ways To Save Money On Textbooks

You would think saving up all of the money earned at your summer job would cover pretty much all expenses for the college year ahead. School supplies, nights out on the town, and that poster of your favorite band over your bed. But wait, have you factored in the cost of textbooks? Now those nights out look more like nights in with ramen and a fuzzy blanket.
Don’t fret! There are many ways to get around the hefty price tag of these at the bookstore for college students. (more…)

Money saving tips for urban college students

Urban life has a lot to offer for college students: diversity, interesting people, employment, internships, nightlife, history, art, and culture. But the city’s high cost of living and numerous expensive allures can empty your wallet and drain your bank account if you’re not careful. Here are some tips on enjoying the city without burning a hole in your pocket. (more…)